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Coolsculpting vs Slim Lipo treatment

Is a Fat-Freezing Procedure for You? Some Important Considerations

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Because we’re big believers in giving our patients all the information they need to make informed decisions about our treatments, we’re offering you this information about fat-freezing procedures.

Many people come to us asking about them, hoping to reduce their weight.  It’s important to understand, though, that fat-freezing procedures are not a weight loss tool.  Rather, they’re intended to help patients reduce targeted areas.

Let’s look at some of the considerations which determine if a fat-freezing procedure is for you.

I’m a guy.  Will it work for me?

Is a fat-freezing procedure for you?  Sure, it is.  Fat-freezing technologies like Coolsculpting are no respecters of gender.  They work for both men and women who want to reduce targeted areas of their bodies.

As with women, the idea is that you have certain parts of your body which are stubborn and won’t budge, regardless of how much you exercise or how carefully you eat.  If you’re a guy and that describes you, read on.

The ideal candidate – BMI.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is an important determining factor when considering a fat-freezing procedure.  To find out your BMI, consult this handy, online tool (which allows for conversions in both Imperial and Metric measurements).

If your BMI is slightly over 24.99 (the high end of the ideal range), then you’re probably a good candidate for fat-freezing.  Remember that BMI offers a reasonable guess about the condition of your body, as it doesn’t account for muscle (which weighs more than fat), or other factors.  It’s just a way of seeing whether your weight and height are reasonably proportionate.

You’ve tried everything.

People who come to us here at Ethos for fat-freezing procedures have usually tried everything possible to reduce a specific area or areas of their bodies.  Sometimes it’s the famous “muffin top,” or “love handles.”  Other times, it’s fat on the back that won’t shift, not matter what they do.

As we’ve pointed out above, fat-freezing is not a weight reduction tool.  It’s a spot reduction treatment that’s useful for stubborn areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

It’s very important for people thinking about turning to a fat-freezing procedure to be aware that diet and exercise will help you maintain the results of fat-freezing.  Returning to a sedentary lifestyle and eating poorly or excessively will lead to disappointment.

Free consultation.

Is a fat-freezing procedure for you?  If you see yourself in these guidelines, that could well be the case.  But the best way to determine whether you’re a good candidate for it is to come to Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center for a free consultation with one of our professional technicians.

We’re here to help you look amazing and feel incredible and fat-freezing procedures are part of that.  We’ll discuss your options openly and transparently to determine whether fat-freezing is right for you.  We don’t oversell or pressure our guests.  We want to make sure they’re fully informed about all our treatments and therapies.

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