How to Trim Eyebrows for Men

Eyebrows that are too bushy or have a bad shape hurt men’s appearance which is why it’s a good habit to keep the eyebrows neat. Whether it’s to score a date, land a promotion, or feel more confident about your appearance, eyebrow grooming should be an important part of your regimen.

So what’s the right way for men to trim their eyebrows? Before trimming the brows, it’s essential to gather the right products and find the appropriate shape for the face first. Once these things have been prepared it’s time to groom the brows by looking for the endpoints, cutting the stray hairs, using an eyebrow trimmer, and plucking isolated hairs.

Men’s Guide to Trimming Eyebrows: A Step-by-step Guide

Eyebrow grooming is a rising trend among men with around 63% of American males regularly trim their brows, ears, or noses. Thanks to the influence of television shows, magazines, and social media, more men are realizing the importance of keeping well-trimmed brows to improve their appearance.

Groomed eyebrows are more than just plucking away the stray hairs in between brows – the end result should highlight a man’s facial features to create a neat and younger-looking appearance. Aside from trimming the eyebrows, waxing is also another great option to groom the brows. It involves applying wax to remove the excess hairs outside the brow line.

If you prefer DIY grooming over professional services, you’ll find a lot of videos on Youtube and other websites about men sharing tips, tricks, and other different information on how to groom their own “guybrows” at home. But we also prepared a step-by-step guide for you:

1. Gather the Right Products and Tools

Like any grooming process, it’s crucial to have the right tools to get the best results. High-quality tweezers with slanted tips grab the finest hairs better than a cheap one. The scissors should also be specially made for cutting facial hairs. If you prefer electronic trimmers, there are devices created specifically for the eyebrows in the market.

For daily maintenance of the brows, a fine-tooth mustache comb is also perfect for brushing the brows. But if the hairs are thinner than usual, it’s better to use disposable mascara applicators to comb the eyebrows.

2. Find the Right Shape for Your Face

Finding the right eyebrow shape is an important part of eyebrow grooming. They hide flaws, such as small eyes, huge space between the eyes, and hooded eyes. Eyebrow shapes also affect a person’s overall look – the right shape makes the person look younger and their eyes seem wider.

As a general rule, most men only need to trim their brows according to the natural shape. These eyebrow shapes also offer a more flattering look for men:

Face ShapeBest Eyebrow Shape
HeartSlight bends

3. Look for the Eyebrows’ Start and End Points

Once you’ve gathered the grooming tools and picked the right eyebrow shape, it’s time to start the process by finding the start and endpoints of each brow. Place the fine-tooth comb vertically in the middle of the nostril to identify the starting point of the brows. Trace each eyebrow from its starting point to the outside corner of the eye to find the endpoint.

4. Cut the Eyebrow Hairs that are “Too Long”

Comb the eyebrow hairs upward and trim the longer strands that go over the eyebrow’s natural topline. Make sure to use eyebrow scissors for precision. Avoid trimming the brows in the middle of the brow because it creates awkward bald spots in the eyebrow. Just follow the natural eyebrow shape to create a uniform eyebrow shape that’s not too bushy.

5. Use an Eyebrow Trimmer

Most of the time, scissors are enough to trim excess hairs and create a clean look. But for brows that have thicker hairs and a bushy appearance, an eyebrow trimmer might be necessary. Your eyebrows and beard shouldn’t share the same trimmer because it may shave off the entire brow. Slowly move the eyebrow trimmer across the brows until each strand is at the desired length.

6. Pluck Isolated Hairs

Even with a less bushy brow, some stubborn eyebrow hairs still remain near the brow line or in between the two brows. Pluck these isolated hairs with a tweezer. This tool works better than razors or trimmers because it targets solitary strands. You might end up shaving more hair than necessary if you utilize razors or trimmers instead of tweezers.

7. Optional Step: Apply Brow Gel

One of the best grooming investments to make is the eyebrow gel. You don’t have to be a beauty expert to use this because it’s easy to apply. This makeup only secures the brows in place while filling the sparse spots in the eyebrows to elevate the look. However, it’s important to watch how much gel is used in the brows – apply too much and the brows might look too dark and distracting.

Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shape with Ethos Spa

As much as eyebrow grooming is important to maintain a good appearance, most men just don’t have the time to stand in front of the mirror every few days to trim eyebrow hairs. While it doesn’t necessarily erase all the signs of aging on the face, having groomed brows help men achieve a younger-looking appearance.

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