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Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

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There is nothing more picturesque than having precisely-shaped eyebrows, but the maintenance required to deal with it constantly can be too much to handle. Thankfully, laser hair removal treatments give you the option you’ve always wanted: perfectly shaped eyebrows with none of the maintenance.

In this article, we cover everything you would ever need to know about eyebrow laser hair removal: whether it’s safe, what you can do with it, and the best place to get it done.

Can You Do Laser Hair Removal on Eyebrows?

Laser hair removal is generally a very safe procedure, particularly when performed by a trusted professional. The laser beams applied to the skin are short and quick, and the heat energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigmentation of the hair, leaving the skin unharmed. For the most part, laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body that a patient may need.

However, when dealing with the brows, doctors and patients need to be more careful when handling laser technology. This is because lasers can be dangerous when performed near the eyes, as the eyes are extremely vulnerable to heat.

Studies have found instances of ocular injury directly caused by eyebrow laser hair removal procedures even while wearing eye protective devices such as goggles. Even though the eye itself isn’t targeted while a patient wears eye protective devices, lasers are often referred to as “scattered light”, meaning the energy can scatter if not properly absorbed by the hair pigmentation. Even just slight contact with the eye can lead to serious permanent damage.

Does this mean that all laser hair removal should be avoided in the eyebrow area? Not at all. While lasers can be dangerous when administered in close proximity to the eye, with careful handling it can be done safely for certain eyebrow needs.

What Can Laser Hair Removal Do for the Eyebrows?

beautiful woman's face with perfect eyebrows

There are two popular and safe types of eyebrow treatments that can be performed with eyebrow laser hair removal. These are eyebrow shaping and unibrow treatments.

Laser Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow shaping is a great way to take the extra step into making yourself look sleek and trim. With carefully shaped eyebrows, anyone can achieve that Hollywood, red carpet look of their dreams. The problem is that most eyebrow removal methods are short-lived and high-effort, meaning you can go through hours of fuss and pain for a look that will only last a week or two, if even that.

Common methods include threading and waxing, both of which are painful and frustrating. They also mean constant return trips to the salon every time you want your eyebrows to look amazing again. For many people, keeping up with this much maintenance can be hard to justify, so we often let our brows just grow out.

With laser eyebrow shaping, you never have to worry about your eyebrows again. You can have your eyebrows shaped once with a series of treatments, preventing future hair growth from sprouting in certain areas ever again. With a series of quick 15-20-minute sessions, your eyebrows will be shaped the way you want them for life.

To keep patients safe, it is important that your doctor or specialist doesn’t administer the laser anywhere below the brow. The safe areas are beside the brow and above the brow, as well as the brow line itself. Anywhere below the brow is too risky, as this might cause the laser to bounce or reflect into the eye. You should also always wear eye protective devices like goggles.

Unibrow Removal

Another great application of eyebrow laser hair removal is unibrow removal. No one wants the pesky unibrow, but some of us are cursed with the unibrow genes and have to find ways to deal with it.

Whether you have a full-on bushy unibrow or just a few strands right above your nose – or anything in between – laser hair removal is the perfect procedure to ensure you never have to worry about your unibrow ruining your look again.

The benefit of hair removal on the unibrow is that it permanently removes your unibrow condition. While you may need a follow-up treatment in a year or two after your initial treatments, you can rest assured that you will never leave the house with an accidental unibrow again.

Finally, another popular eyebrow application of laser hair removal is for the hair right above the brow. If you have a bushy above-brow unwanted hair you want to get rid of, this is generally also lasered away during an eyebrow shaping or unibrow removal appointment.

Eyebrow Hair Removal Alternatives

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If you aren’t sure about laser procedures around the eyebrows, here are some alternatives you can try for your brow and unibrow needs:

  • Plucking: Plucking is perhaps the simplest method out there, but it is also the one that takes the most time and is perhaps the least effective. You can only pluck out one strand or a few strands from the skin at a time, and each pluck comes with its own small sting. This also heavily relies on the skill of whoever is plucking, and how effectively they can shape the eyebrows.
  • Waxing: While waxing is much quicker than plucking, it is also much more painful. Having hot wax applied to your eyebrow and unibrow area and having it yanked away can be a painful experience, although effective. Like plucking, you will have to do it again every time you want fully shaped eyebrows.
  • Threading: Eyebrow threading revolves around precision, meaning it really requires the careful hands of a threading specialist. Most celebrities opt for the threading method because of how precise the technique can be when done by a professional.
  • Electrolysis: Also known as the only other permanent hair removal solution, electrolysis is an effective permanent alternative to laser hair removal if you don’t want the small risk of damage to your eyes. The downside of electrolysis is that it is significantly more painful than laser hair removal, as it involves sending electrical waves into the individual hair follicles in the skin. It is also much slower and requires many more sessions because of its more precise application, with some patients needing up to 30 sessions.

Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Does eyebrow shaping with lasers hurt?

There is very little to no pain involved with laser hair procedures, whether it’s done on the eyebrow or any other part of the body. At most, patients will feel a small stinging sensation similar to the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. This is caused by the quick pulses and the feeling of the heat being absorbed into the hair follicles.

How many sessions do you need for the eyebrows?

For permanent hair reduction results, it is recommended to have anywhere from 6-8 treatments, although the exact number of sessions you need will depend on you – hair color, hair density, hormones, whether the patients are men or women, and other factors personal to you.

How long does a laser session for eyebrow hair removal last?

The duration of a session depends on the size of the area being treated. As this area is much smaller than other parts of the body commonly treated by lasers, the sessions are generally much quicker, taking anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes per treatment.

How much does eyebrow laser session cost?

Like the duration, the cost of a treatment is influenced by the size of the area being treated. Patients can expect anywhere from $75 to $125 or more for an average eyebrow session.

What should a patient expect after eyebrow removal treatments?

Patients can expect some immediate results after a session, but results will continue to remove for the next 1-3 weeks after every treatment.

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