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Does Soprano Ice Laser Work on Blonde Hair?

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For people with blonde hair, laser hair removal has always been a headache. The traditional laser hair technology doesn’t work well or at all with patients with light hair colors such as blonde or grey, as the lasers require pigmentation to effectively target the hair follicles. But new machines such as the Soprano Ice Platinum offer something new.

Does the Soprano Ice Platinum laser machine work on patients with blonde hair? Unlike other, older models of laser machines, the Soprano uses longer pulse lasers with longer wavelengths with the Alexandrite laser to make it more effective for blonde patients.

What is the Soprano Ice?

The laser hair removal industry has many trusted brands and technologies, and one of the latest pieces of laser technology to come out is the Soprano Platinum. Developed by Alma Lasers, the Soprano Ice Platinum is one of the most recent additions to laser technology.

The Soprano incorporates a unique heating method that gradually causes damage to the patient’s follicles while limiting heat to the surrounding skin. This with a sweeping In-motion technique that delivers the lasers across the target area, every session guarantees a full coverage of laser treatment.

What Makes the Soprano Ice Work on Blonde Hair?

Traditional laser hair removal has difficulty removing blonde and other light hair colors, because of the lack of pigmentation in the unwanted hair. This is due to the way that laser hair removal works. The lasers are zapped towards the skin, and the heat energy from the laser is attracted to the pigmentation of the hairs.

Due to this attraction, the laser’s heat energy is able to travel down the hair and into the hair follicle, thus destroying the root where the hair grows and disabling future hair growth. The problem with light hair such as blonde hair and grey hair is that there isn’t enough pigmentation in the hair to efficiently attract the laser heat.

This means that lasers zapped to blonde hair end up not traveling below the skin and into the follicles to prevent hair growth; instead, they end up damaging the darker skin and hair. Due to this, patients with light hair have traditionally not been able to experience the results and safety of laser hair removal.

But recent advancements in laser hair removal technology have worked towards solving the problem with laser hair removal and lighter hair colors. Some machines attempt to apply artificial pigmentation to the targeted facial or body hair, allowing the laser to target the follicles even on patients with the lightest hair; other laser machines utilize longer laser pulses, creating longer wavelengths that are typically safer for patients of all hair and skin types.

The Soprano is an example of a machine that utilizes longer laser pulses and wavelengths with the Alexandrite. The Alexandrite creates wavelengths that are 755nm, which makes it easily absorbed by even the lightest hair tones. It is also better for patients who might have just gotten a tan, as the laser won’t target the darker pigmentation if the skin.

For extra efficiency, the Soprano can be set to emit 810m wavelength lasers, allowing for greater power and more thorough skin penetration. Lasers that have the ability to penetrate the skin more deeply are better suited for patients with lighter hair tones.

While the results might not be as effective as it would be on ideal hair removal patients – dark hair tones with fair skin – the treatment can still produce results for patients with even the lightest hair colors.

What Can You Do to Maximize Laser Results for Blonde Hair?

To ensure that you get the best results possible during your appointment for blonde hair, be sure to follow the following guidelines before every session:

  • Avoid Tanning: Tanning 1-2 weeks before your treatments can leave your skin more vulnerable to damage.
  • Shave: Prior to all treatments, make sure to shave the hairs on the target area the day before or on the day of the treatment. Do NOT wax, as this will remove the hair follicle (which will regrow, meaning it can’t be damaged).
  • Do Not Use Products: On the day of the treatment, make sure to avoid using any products on your skin. This includes lotions, soaps, and other skin products.

Laser Hair Removal at Ethos Spa

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