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How long does Coolsculpting last?

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This question can be interpreted in two different ways. First, I will give you a short introduction to the Coolsculpting procedure, then I will tell you how long does the Coolsculpting procedure and results last.

What is Coolsculpting and what to expect from the procedure?

 Coolsculpting is a noninvasive procedure and works by the principle of fat reduction by freezing fat cells. Harvard dermatologists discovered that kids who suck on popsicles develop dimples. Combining suction and freezing, they discovered that fat cells get frozen and eventually they died out, getting reduced by 25 to 75%. The procedure is simple and painless. Surgeon marks the area that is going to be treated, places transparent gel pad, and put applicator on the area. When suction is turned on, it sucks the excess fat and two cooling panels numb the area. The cooling panels are controlled and they do not damage skin, nerves or muscles. The procedure lasts about one hour.

When to expect results?

 The results of Coolsculpting usually start being visible within a few weeks. The average time for patients to see first results is three weeks, while for some patients it may take up to eight weeks. To see the end result it may take up to few months.

How long does it last?

Coolsculpting removes up to 75 % of your exisiting fat cells but it does not prevent new fat cells from forming. Therefore if you gain weight and do not lead a healthy lifestyle after Coolscukpting procedure new fat will eventually bulk up on the areas of your body that are prone to collect fat. If you want to maintain the lost fat and inches from the targeted area, it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Coolsculpting will not prevent you from gaining weight in the future and you can build up the fat removed with Coolsculpting if you do not control your weight and do not maintain healthy life habits.