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Can People Who Are Obese Benefit From CoolSculpting?

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CoolSculpting treatments have rapidly gained popularity over fat reduction surgery or liposuction as a non-invasive way to help people get closer to their ideal body type. With a single treatment (or more for patients with considerable amounts of body fat), this fat reduction procedure can precisely contour your body into the shape that you like. It’s a technology that represents the best of the current treatment paradigms that we have and can work on almost anyone.

So can obese people benefit from getting a CoolSculpting treatment? While the process behind CoolSculpting can help destroy some pockets of fat in the treatment area, obese people have too thick of a fat layer for CoolSculpting treatment to make any difference. Most providers will recommend a more effective series of treatments for fat removal or weight loss treatment, before finally using CoolSculpting to get rid of those last unwanted fat cells.

Fat Reduction Treatment vs. Weight Loss Treatments

To understand why CoolSculpting won’t work with obese patients, it’s important to differentiate fat reduction treatment (which is where most body contouring procedures fall under) from weight loss procedures.

  • Fat reduction treatment gets rid of the body fat in a specific area or reduces the overall fat cells in your body
  • Weight loss treatments drop your overall weight, which can include muscle and water weight alongside fat

Most academic research institutions and cosmetic providers agree that reduction of fat is far more preferable than losing weight. If you have a stable weight, losing fat is a great way to get closer to your ideal body type while leaving the rest of your tissues unharmed. This is why CoolSculpting treatments and other body contouring treatments are considered alternatives to your usual treatments like liposuction.

However, this distinction is different for heavier or obese patients. Since the fat layers that they have are thicker compared to people with a healthy weight, they need to focus on weight loss first before fat. This can be done by having an active lifestyle, a balanced diet, and other weight loss treatments – which will eventually lead them to be qualified for body sculpting services.

What If You Insist On CoolSculpting As An Obese Patient?

There aren’t many anecdotal reports of what may happen to an obese patient if they insist on getting CoolSculpting treatments, but it’s possible to infer what might reasonably happen based on how CoolSculpting works.

A CoolSculpting treatment uses cryolipolysis on the fat cells in the treated area, which freezes them from the inside and causes them to break down over time. Your body eventually removes these dead fat cells as waste products, which shrinks the treated area as the fat is removed. With skilled application, you’ll only need one to two treatments to get the results that you want.

The cryolipolysis procedure will still work on the fat of obese patients, but the actual treatment won’t be as effective as it is for someone with a healthy weight. Because the CoolSculpting treatment relies on the body’s natural reaction to intense cold, it’ll be more difficult to achieve those same circumstances without the risk of provoking adverse reactions in the patient.

As it is, there are already some mild side effects that patients may experience with cryolipolysis, and obese patients may experience worse effects. This is why most providers will refuse CoolSculpting treatments to obese patients and will recommend other belly fat reduction treatments or liposuction to remove the fat required.

The Ideal Candidate For CoolSculpting Treatments

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What if you’re not sure if you qualify for a CoolSculpting treatment? While your overall eligibility will be determined by your doctor or your cosmetic provider, there are three things that can indicate that you’re an excellent CoolSculpting candidate:

You Are Close To Your Ideal Weight

Most CoolSculpting treatments show the highest rate of success (and more visible improvements) to patients who are around 10 pounds close to their target weight. This is because CoolSculpting treatments can easily shave off the fat in the treated area, which can help reduce weight and precisely sculpt any remaining body fat around your muscles.

You Have Pinchable Fat

CoolSculpting only works on fat layers that are above your muscles, or what most providers call “pinchable” or subcutaneous fat. This type of fat can be difficult to get rid of because there are several other things aside from diet and exercise that can cause it to stick around. CoolSculpting applicators are tailor-made to tackle these areas, which give you better results.

You Can Wait For Your Results

If there is one drawback to CoolSculpting treatments compared to other procedures like liposuction, it’s that you won’t see your results right away. Even under the best of circumstances, you’ll need around 3 months to see visible improvements in the treated area. This is because your body needs time to remove the fat cells from your system, and that process doesn’t happen instantaneously.

If you match these three criteria, you’ll likely be a great fit for your CoolSculpting treatment. All you need to do is to find a provider that can give you a comprehensive treatment plan, and you’re well on your way to losing all that fat.

Enjoy Non-Invasive Treatment To Improve The Appearance Of Your Skin At Ethos Spa NJ

The CoolSculpting procedure can give you amazing results with the precise and effective removal of fat cells. However, not everyone can take advantage of this procedure, especially people who have a high BMI or who are obese. While it’s still possible to see some results from using this treatment, CoolSculpting’s effects are more suitable for fat reduction treatments rather than weight loss. However, it can be used after liposuction treatment (or similar weight loss from diet or exercise) as a way to get rid of the last remaining bits of fatty tissue.

Ethos Spa NJ is an expert provider of non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic treatment to people who want to reach their body goals without having to go through invasive procedures. We pride ourselves on offering effective treatment to make sure your body’s shape matches your ideal weight. If you want more information about our treatments and what they can do for you, get in touch with us today.

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