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Can Coolsculpting Cause My Lymphatic System to be Overwhelmed

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CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is a cosmetic technique used to reduce fat from specific areas of the body. It works by removing fat cells from certain areas of the body and freezing them. The fat that has been frozen is then digested by the body, and the lymphatic system is primarily used to aid in the removal of the treated fat.

So does CoolSculpting have an adverse effect on the lymphatic system? This treatment, like other body sculpting procedures such as liposuction, is believed to cause lymph vessel damage. However, there’s no proof that CoolSculpting causes serious damage to the lymphatic system. Nevertheless, many experts recommend lymphatic drainage therapy after CoolSculpting to aid in recovery and to reduce the impact of CoolSculpting on the lymphatic system.

Will Your Lymphatic System Be Affected by CoolSculpting

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that is comparable to the circulatory system. It’s made up of tissues and organs that aid in the storage, production, and transport of white blood cells, commonly known as lymphocytes. 

The lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, tonsils and adenoids, the spleen, and the thymus are all part of the immune system. To put it simply, the lymphatic system is our body’s sanitation system.

When stubborn fat is regulated and cooled with CoolSculpting, the underlying fat cells freeze. Fat cells that have been frozen crystallize and burst. They’re no longer able to store fat. These damaged fat cells are thus gathered by the body’s lymphatic system and discarded as waste.

The lymph vessels in this case can be partly damaged by CoolSculpting or other body sculpting procedures that target fats and turn them into waste products. This can also promote inflammation and fluid buildup in the surgically targeted locations if done haphazardly by an unauthorized provider.

What Happens When the Lymphatic System is Damaged

If the lymph or white blood cells don’t circulate freely throughout the body, waste and toxins accumulate, resulting in a severely impaired immune system, chronic disease, and significant health issues. The toxic liquid doesn’t filter properly when the lymphatic system is weakened. The liquid congeals into a thick, creamy, and toxic mass. Because the body lacks a pump to free this congealed substance, hazardous cells, which may include cancer cells, become stuck in the body.

Brain fog, poor bowel function, bloating, dry skin, acne breakouts, lethargy, water retention, chronic pain, stiffness, swelling, persistent colds, sore throats, weight gain, and even cellulite are some of the symptoms of lymphatic system damage.

CoolSculpting, therefore, can affect the lymphatic system. Studies and surveys suggest, however, that no severe side effects from damage to the lymphatic system have occurred among patients.

This doesn’t mean that patients should be wary about the damage to the lymphatic system. That is why experts also suggest undergoing a lymphatic drainage treatment in order to help the lymphatic system recover from a body contouring treatment like CoolSculpting.

Why You Should Consider Getting Lymph Drainage Therapy.

Lymph drainage therapy (LDT), also known as manual lymph massage, is a specialist massage technique that aids in the stimulation of lymphatic movement throughout the body. LDT is a very soothing therapy that is conducted in a massage treatment room. 

Because lymph stimulation also triggers the nervous system, you’ll feel unusually relaxed and may even fall asleep during lymph drainage therapy. LDT is an important aspect of the post-surgery healing process for both the body and the mind.

Regular Massage vs. LDT

Manual lymph massage isn’t the same as deep tissue massage. The mild method decreases swelling, minimizes inflammation, and heals bruises. Regular massage typically has the opposite effect. A normal massage might increase extra swelling and bruising by boosting circulation to an area of pain. A delicate touch with LDT encourages fluids away from the surgery site and back to the lymph nodes for processing.

Can You Perform LDT on Your Own?

While it may not be as peaceful as entrusting yourself to the care of a skilled expert, lymphatic massage can be performed at home. It’s recommended to massage the affected areas for at least 5 minutes over a compression garment multiple times a day. A doctor will typically show patients exactly which areas to massage; where the lymphatic system is located.

While self-massage can be useful, a qualified professional will be able to recognize the specifics of the body and how their lymph flows. Manual lymphatic mapping is a technique used by experienced massage therapists to discover the exact channels through the body that the lymph favors, leading drainage to those specific locations.

Why Should You Have LDT?

Because CoolSculpting can cause lymph vessel damage, inflammation and fluid buildup in the locations may ensue. This fluid is guided back into the lymphatic circulation system by lymphatic massage.

The lymph system helps to keep the body’s blood and fluid balance in check. A well-functioning lymphatic system minimizes the risk of fibrosis, which is a hardening of the tissue caused by uncontrolled inflammation. Lymph Drainage Therapy can help to restore functionality to injured lymph vessels, reducing inflammation, pain, and scarring while also improving surgery outcomes.

1. LDT Can Relieve Pain

Many people find that LDT also helps them feel less discomfort. Pain is relieved when circulation improves and edema decreases. LDT’s soft touch induces a feeling of relaxation in the body.

2. LDT Can Improve Outcomes

You may find that your skin feels lumpy or uneven following surgery. This irregularity is produced by an accumulation of blood and fluid in regions where fat has been eliminated. LDT acts to balance fluids in the body, which helps to even out these areas.

3. LDT Can Accelerate Recovery

LDT might help you recover faster after treatment. The immune system is activated by a properly flowing lymph system. Lymph transports white blood cells throughout the body to aid in healing and defense against illness. The lymphatic system protects the body against diseases, microbes, and toxins.

Other Ways to Speed Up CoolSculpting Recovery

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As lymphatic drainage is in charge of clearing dead cells, the body begins excreting dead fat cells practically immediately after treatment. For some people, however, the procedure can take up to 6 months. These are other ways to accelerate recovery after undergoing a CoolSculpting treatment apart from LDT:

1. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is vital after your CoolSculpting procedure, because it leads to more frequent trips to the bathroom. This is how dead fat cells are removed from the body. You can also put lemons in your water, as they’re high in vitamin C, which supports liver function and aids in the removal of toxins from the body.

2. Sweat

Like drinking enough water, regular exercise is something that should be in your routine even if you haven’t had a CoolSculpting procedure. Sweating and increased blood flow are necessary for the lymphatic system to function well and result in lymphatic drainage.

3. Deep Breaths

Deep breathing exercises aid in the movement of fluid through your blood vessels and lymph nodes. Inhale through your nose while expanding your stomach, then exhale with both hands on your stomach. This is one of many lymphatic drainage breathing exercises.

4. Wear Compression Clothing

If you have discomfort or soreness after a CoolSculpting treatment, using a compression garment around the treated area may help. The form-fitting garment improves lymphatic and blood flow, hastening recovery after CoolSculpting.

5. Foam Roll

Hard foam rollers are widespread in gyms and are used for a variety of purposes, including lymphatic drainage. Foam rolling oxygenates the blood and stimulates the passage of sluggish lymphatic fluid, which flushes the buildup of dead cells and pollutants.

Experience CoolSculpting Only at Ethos Spa

CoolSculpting has several advantages over conventional fat-reduction techniques. It’s a non-invasive process that leaves no scars behind. There’s also only little to no mandatory recovery time. Improvements may begin to appear within a few weeks, and you can  see full results within 6 months after your final treatment.

At Ethos Spa, we want our clients to get access to safe and innovative fat reduction and removal procedures without having to worry about serious side effects or lengthy recovery times. Our team of licensed aestheticians are well-versed in CoolSculpting to help our clients get the results that they want.

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