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Botox treatment for excessive sweating

Botox for Sweating

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Botox is injection that is primarily used in the upper face to relax wrinkles and fine lines. It is less famous for its success in treating hyperhidrosis or in other words excessive sweating. The Botox injection is successfully used to decrease sweating and oil production. Botox for sweating is injected into the skin over the area being treated for excessive sweating. It is of crucial importance to have it injected by an experienced provider to minimize the chance for side effects. Botox is mostly used to control sweating on face, armpits, scalp, neck and feet.

It is hard to give the right estimate of how many units one needs to treat excessive sweating of the targeted area, but usually 50 units are used to treat each underarm. Moreover, in average it takes 50 units to treat the scalp, while neck would require little bit more units, around 75. It all depends on the personal case of the patient being treated. The expert performing injections will determine how many units each patient needs.

The cost of Botox for sweating varies depending on a location and experience of the provider. It can be charged in two ways, per area or per unit. In Ethos Spa we charge for Botox treatment per unit. Some people need more units than others for the exact same area. Men usually need more units per area than women.

There are serious side effects associated with Botox injections in certain areas. Those side effects include shortness of breath, difficulty with swallowing or breathing, overall weakness in the muscles, blurred or doubled vision, bladder control, and others. All these side effects may be caused if the botulinum toxin spreads in your body. This can be life threatening, therefore it is important to choose an experienced provider, follow aftercare instructions, and keep in touch with your provider if anything suspicious occurs.