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beautiful woman gets Botox injections

"Blowtox" The Latest Botox Treatment for Appearance Management

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For Fitness Fanatics, the Blowtox Can Be a Lifesaver

If you're a regular in the gym, you know that a heavy duty sweat session can do a number on your  hair. Whether you're a yoga enthusiast, or heavy into spin class, sweating along the scalp and through your hair can ruin that expensive salon style.

Introducing the "Blowtox". Botox treatments along the scalp reduce the sweating along the hairline that occurs during workouts. This extend the life of your expensive salon blowout, and removes one more excuse for skipping your trip to the gym.

The Blowtox treatment requires over 100 injections along the scalp, as opposed to a standard forehead wrinkle treatment, that may take less than a dozen injections. However, because the scalp contains relatively few nerve endings, and the needle used in the procedure is thinner than a human hair, the procedure is virtually painless.

Shape magazine reports the procedure has become particularly popular with women who do spin or hot yoga classes. By dramatically reducing the sweat that breaks down their blowouts, women have been able to squeeze in mid-day workouts without compromising their professional look

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