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When Is the Best Time for Botox – Winter or Spring?

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This has got to be one of the Top Ten questions we hear in our consultative process at Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness.

And it’s a fair enough question.  There certainly are some seasonal considerations people should be aware of when scheduling Botox, so let’s review.


Winter is an important season for Botox, but not because it makes the therapy more effective.  Simply, everyone wants to look their very best for Holiday occasions and family gatherings.  Planning Botox with these in mind ensures that you’ll be ready to meet you mom looking smashing and bowl people over at the office shindig.

Scheduling Botox injections to give yourself time to recover from any bruising and to allow the treatment to be seen at its apex is a consideration for many of Ethos Spa’s guests, so get out that calendar!


The sun is the closest to the earth during the summer, which is why it’s the hottest season of the year.  That can mean some serious squinting.  Many of our guests plan for that by scheduling Botox injections to coincide with the “season of the squint”.  The squinting which leads to lines and wrinkles is stopped in its tracks by Botox injections.

But here’s a tip – wear those UV-protected sunglasses.  Your eyes don’t need to squint when they’re shielded from the sun by quality eyewear.  Of course, that’s more about your eye health, than aesthetics.


In the spring, a young man’s thoughts turn to those of love.  The same is true for young women (and people of both sexes and all ages).

Those seeking to put their best face forward often plan a spring tune-up to be ready for the reawakening of the human spirit that accompanies the warming of the air and the flowering of the trees.  When thoughts turn to those of love, it certainly can’t hurt to look amazing and feel incredible, right?


As the last gasp of summer comes and the leaves begin to change colour, many of us will be thinking about looking for a new job.  That means looking like we mean business.  Botox can help us do that while bolstering the confidence we need to grab for the brass ring.

Looking your best isn’t all about vanity.  It means feeling good about yourself and presenting yourself in the best possible light.

In truth (as we hope we’ve made clear in this lighthearted post), any time is a good time for Botox.  What you need to decide is when it’s going to count the most for you.  Deciding what’s important to you and why you’re pursuing Botox therapy is a highly personal undertaking.

So, it’s not really about the seasons of the year, when you’re asking “when is the best time for Botox – winter or spring?”.  It’s about the seasons of your life and when you feel you want to be at your striking best.

Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness is dedicated to helping you look amazing and feel incredible.  Contact us for a free consultation.

Dr. Hardik Soni

MD, Founder/Lead Physician

About Dr. Hardik Soni

Dr. Hardik Soni is the founder and Medical Director of Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness. His primary focus is on minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures including botulinum injection (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse), laser hair removal, chemical peels, and laser skin rejuvenation. Dr. Soni believes in a more conservative approach and his first goal is education. Clients are able to determine the ideal treatments after discussion with Dr. Soni regarding the expected outcomes, cost, as well as risks.

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