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Volbella vs Juvederm

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Volbella and Juvederm are Hyaluronic Acid Fillers available at Ethos Spa. Many compare Volbella to Juvederm. It is created by Allergan just like Juvederm. In our experience, Volbella is smoother than Juvederm and delivers more natural results with less side effects. On the other side Juvederm is trusted fillers that has been used for years. Get more information about Volbella and Juvederm from out blog.


Volbella is used for lip contouring, to add volume and fullness to lips, to smooth out vertical creases around lips, to achieve face symmetry, to treat marionettes lines, as well to smooth out wrinkles and lines around lips. Besides the area around lips, Volbella is used to treat tear trough depressions.  It offers natural look and it does not let clients down with promised end results. It feels smoother and more natural, so those who undergo Volbella injections do not have to adjust to the new feeling on their face.

Moreover, Volbella offers longer lasting results compared to other fillers. With Volbella, there is practically no down time after the treatment. After Volbella injections clients can get back to their work and everyday activities without sacrificing their appearance. There is practically no bruising and swelling, therefore it is new filler of choice for majority of clients. Some patients experience minor swelling which goes away the same day. We provide ice packs to our patient to aid their recovery process. Volbella can last up to one year and because of its longer lasting effects it is becoming more and more popular.


Juvederm is dermal filler in gel consistency that is consisted of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is in fact naturally occurring in human skin as a natural sugar. It is FDA approved for use in nasolabial fold which are lines from nose to the mouth. It has off-label use on other areas such as lips. Juvederm effect can last up to nine months. It is great filler for volume. It adds more volume to lips than Volbella, but at the same time if not injected strategically it can give pouty and unnatural look. It is dissolvable with Hylauronise. If injected with cannula, then chances for bruising and swelling is decreased. It does cause more swelling and bruising than Volbella.