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Vampire Facelift Side Effects

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Vampire Facelift Overview

The Vampire Facelift is a fairly new procedure that is becoming more and more popular. The cool factor of the Vampire Facelift is that it is simply done by injecting blood into patient’s skin. In fact, It contains no toxins or artificial fillers or injectors. Actually, the mixture from patients own blood is injected in different areas of ones’ body. It is nonsurgical procedure mostly used to treat wrinkles. The injectable is prepared by drawing out patient’s own blood and then separating the platelets from the red blood cells. Then those platelets are mixed with fibrin and injected to the treated area. The results are visible after few days.

The Side Effects

There are not that many side effects associated with Vampire Facelift. This is connected to the fact that it does not require injection of any foreign ingredient into skin. There are minor side effects that go away quickly after the procedure. The most common side effects include itchy feeling after treatment, swelling, bruising, burning or discoloration. The most problematic side effect is the psychological one. A lot of patients have trouble with the fact that their blood is being injected into their skin. Hence some patients pass out during the treatment because of their fear from injecting blood in different areas of their face.

Not everyone can undergo this treatment. It is important to take the advantage of our free consultation to see if Vampire Facelift is the right treatment for you. It works great on people with older skin since it yields better results for patients with thinner skin. Aged skin is usually thinner than younger skin. The most important side effect during and after Vampire Facelift is ones’ ability to accept and cope with the treatment without passing out and having an odd feeling due to the blood injections.

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