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Achieve Silky Smooth Skin

Splendor X is powerful and pain-free hair removal option. Using the clinically proven BLEND X technology, it zaps out the follicle and delivers a clean finish, every single time. It’s the first in laser removal technology that is able to combine both wavelengths in treating light and dark skin types.

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Splendor X can be used in the following areas:
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    Bikini Area
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What is Splendor X?

Splendor X is a new and improved version of popular laser removal procedures. One of its most prominent features include the unique square shape spot size, which perfectly aligns the laser to your follicles, allowing for faster spot-treatment. Unlike the usual circle spot shape, the one implemented by Splendor X ensures that the laser gets the hair the first time, preventing burns and reducing the amount of stress your skin is exposed to.

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Who Is A Candidate?

Men and women may grow to dislike the presence of hairs in their body during their lifetime, and will seek out ways to zap it out completely. However, most hair removal methods such as electrolysis and waxing are painful, stressful, and costly. The sheer amount of maintenance necessary to keep a hair-free appearance is enough of a deterrent for some. With Splendor X, achieving a silky smooth look with zero downtime and no pain is made more accessible for everyone.

Splendor X uses the premier BLEND X technology which combines both Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths. Splendor X is unlike other laser treatments; they only use one of the two wavelengths, which isn’t always safe to use for all skin pigments. With this new tech, wavelengths can be combined to deliver a removal procedure that is custom-fit for your skin tone.

Ideal candidates should have their hair grown out past at least an inch so the system can easily detect the hair and treat the follicle properly. Splendor X is one of the most accessible laser treatments in the world, safe to use even for tanned skin.

Note that patients with an open wound, an active infection, or any bacterial disease may not undergo the treatment. It isn’t suitable for individuals who have an active cold sore or an inflammation. Check with one of our specialists to see if Splendor X is the right treatment plan for you.

What To Expect?

As a premium hair removal option, you can expect only the best with Splendor X. Thanks to the new square shape spot, every inch of your body will be covered in just one swoop, making for easier, faster, and cleaner treatment.

The Splendor X emits a laser light energy onto the skin. This energy is 100% safe and will not damage or harm your skin in anyway. The hair absorbs this energy and converts it into heat, which destroys the hair follicles and stops future growth. This procedure is completely painless and requires no recovery.

Post-treatment effects vary depending on one’s skin type. Some might notice some redness around the treated area, in addition to some swelling around the hair follicles. These should disappear in the next couple of days. You will be instructed to refrain from shaving, waxing, and applying hair removal creams in the treated area. As you go through your sessions, you will notice finer and less frequent hair regrowth up until it stops growing completely. You will notice a significant difference in as little as three weeks and enjoy long-lasting benefits. Additional sun protection will be advised after completing your procedure.