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Syneron Profound System

Many people begin noticing the signs of aging once they are in their mid-20s. This process begins as the skin loses its elasticity and begins sagging around the neck, jawline, and face. Although the aging process is natural, a number of factors can cause our skin to age prematurely. These factors include sun exposure, diet, lifestyle, and personal habits. Premature aging is most commonly caused by exposure to the sun, known as photoaging. Gravity, repetitive facial expressions, smoking, and even sleeping positions can also cause our skin to age prematurely.

Clients interested in facial rejuvenation who expect significant, quickly visible results will find that the Syneron Proufound System could be the ideal choice for delivering the results they desire. Profound is a bipolar RF system that incorporates patented Real Time Temperature Control with the use of micro-needle electrodes. This minimally invasive procedure treats specifically targeted areas of the skin to stimulate wound healing, thus encouraging remodeling of the skin and the production of new elastin, hyaluronic acid formation, and collagen production. The result is visible skin improvement. Profound is the first treatment to create all three skin fundamentals; collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

This procedure offers a single treatment that can be effectively used on the jowls, jawline, wrinkles, and other areas. Consequently, Profound has become a preferred treatment for lifting the face and neck while volumizing the skin. An additional benefit of this treatment is the overall improvement it offers to the quality of skin along with a noticeably improved elasticity of the skin. Patients will typically see an improvement over the course of several months as the body continues to replace old elastic tissue and collagen with new tissue and collagen. Maximum effects can be seen over a period of six to nine months, with results become visible in as little as two weeks.

The ideal candidates for this procedure are those individuals with sagging skin, particularly in the jowls or cheeks, wrinkles along the cheeks, and those who have experienced a loss of volume in the cheeks and around the mouth. Men and women with upper lip wrinkles may also benefit from this treatment procedure. Profound is also a good choice for all skin types.

The technology used in this treatment incorporates a machine manufactured by Syneron. A hand piece along with a disposable cartridge comprised of multiple radiofrequency energy needles is utilized in this procedure. The hand piece can then be positioned by the technician on the area that have been determined to provide maximum effect. The high energy released by the needles into the skin stimulate the body to begin producing new elastic tissue and collagen.

Ethos is one of the few providers in the local area to offer this groundbreaking procedure. Our staff has the experience and expertise necessary to effectively deliver the Profound procedure and help clients turn back the hands of time. If you are displeased with the appearance of the signs of aging and would like to enjoy a refreshed, younger appearance, contact us today to find out if you are a candidate for Profound.

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