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4 Ways To Save Money Before Your Next Botox Treatment

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Botox is one of the most popular ways to slow down the signs of aging. But because results are not permanent, regular treatment is needed to keep the unwanted lines from resurfacing. While the regularity of results relies on several factors, there are many ways you can sustain the upkeep and get the most cost-effective treatment each time. 

So how can you make sure to save some money before you go to get your next Botox shots? You can take maintenance seriously, book appointments strategically, give yourself an optimal diet, and consult with a professional for all your needs.

How To Make The Most Out Of Botox: 4 Saving Tips From Experts

1) Take Maintenance Seriously

The effects of Botox can optimally last up to six months depending on a patient’s lifestyle and maintenance. The most common advice for achieving this is to avoid pressure and sun exposure, but it unfortunately is also the most easily overlooked. 

A good number of patients have ended up rushing back to the clinic at relatively early stages of post-treatment because of bruising from insufficient aftercare or neglect altogether.

Some helpful steps you can take to prevent this include:

  • Avoid the sun: Staying away from the harmful UV rays of the sun is always a good idea, but even more so for Botox patients after the delicate 24-48 hours after treatment. 
    According to New York City-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, UV light exposure causes inflammation of the skin cells and disrupts the effect of Botox on the skin. On top of this, any form of heat exposure (including hot baths, tanning beds, and saunas) promotes flushing and causes bruising. Lastly, the glare from sunlight causes squinting, prompting the muscles around the eyes to wear grooves in the skin. It’s always recommended to keep a handy pair of shades, especially for patients with more active lifestyles. 
  • Sleep more mindfully: Botox reduces the visibility of wrinkles by relaxing and temporarily paralyzing the muscles.  Sleeping on the treated areas exerts physical pressure that will counter the effect of Botox and interfere with its process of settling properly into the target muscles. 
  • Mind your skincare routine: Stronger, healthier, and hydrated skin is less likely to fold. Dermatologists often endorse the use of collagen-stimulating ingredients (like retinoids) in their patients’ skincare regimen. For Botox-treated areas specifically, combining collagen with moisturization is essential to keep inflammation down and prolong the effects of Botox on the skin.  

Bonus: Avoid ibuprofen and other blood-thinning medications 

If collagen is recommended for stimulating and strengthening cell growth, blood-thinners such as ibuprofen and aspirin are heavily discouraged to decrease the risks of hematoma or bruising. 

Other common medications and supplements with blood-thinning effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Coumadin®, Pradaxa®, Eliquis®, and Lovenox®
  • Omega-3 supplements, like flaxseed and fish oil
  • Herbs, like St. John’s wort, ginkgo biloba, and ginseng

Bruising as a result of the medications listed above is not necessarily painful, but it may appear upsetting and will take about 7-10 days to completely subside. It would be expensive to hasten the healing process of bruises, which are only available through vascular laser treatments or Vitamin K supplements. 

2) Book Appointments Strategically

There are three important questions you should consider when scheduling your next Botox treatment:

When are you least likely to be stressed from work or travel? 

Medical procedures are stressful as they are, so it’s advisable for you to schedule with a treatment provider you trust, at a conveniently located clinic, and right after important deadlines at work.  Preferably, you’ll receive injections at the end of a busy work week and in preparation for a more relaxed holiday break. Look for a date that won’t cause any strain on your facial muscles. 

When is the next important event? 

If you want to look your best at a special occasion with photo-ops, it’s a good idea to receive treatment about a month prior. Most clinics will tell you that the full effect of Botox starts showing about two weeks after treatment, but allotting a total of four weeks gives you time to recover from any potential bruising or decide if you want a small Botox touch-up. 

When is your clinic offering discounts and special payment programs? 

If you intend to be treated regularly, it’s worth looking into the rewards programs that a lot of med spas now offer as incentives. Some of these programs will reward you with distinction points for every appointment you make, making you eligible for a discount or promo. It’s also a good idea to check on a clinic’s website in case they offer seasonal discounts or discounts for when you make a referral. 

3) Give Yourself A Well-Balanced Diet

Post-Botox aftercare is the perfect time for swapping out some foods with healthier options. Certain foods can promote bruising after Botox treatment, while other foods can help Botox achieve a more long-lasting and visible effect. The most basics are covered by the following table: 

Good Food Supplements Foods to Avoid
Zinc-rich foods like poultry, pork, beans, and grainsAlcohol
Vitamin C-rich food like citrus and broccoliGinseng
Arnica (tea, pills)Garlic
Bone broth Krill oil and flaxseed oils

Ultimately, Vitamin C, and the rest of the recommended supplementation helps the body produce collagen, lengthening the gap between return visits. 

4) Consult With A Botox Professional

Many clients self-diagnose their cosmetic needs and come to clinics thinking they need a specific kind of treatment to achieve the same youthful look they see online. But every person has a different skin type, muscle strength, and genetic makeup that will require a particular kind of treatment. 

Each patient deserves careful and licensed evaluation of the recommended number of units they need, which is based on their personal goals. A professional consultation will help you avoid making any mistakes that will need correction and incur more costs in the long run. 

Get Botox Done Right The First Time At Ethos

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The most effective and professional Botox treatment providers will use minimal units and exhaust the full effect of each one. At Ethos Spa, we work hard to make sure all our patients receive this kind of care and achieve the exact results they paid for. 

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