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Advantages of PRP Therapy for Hair Growth

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Hair loss is usually associated with men in mid-life, but women can also suffer from it, with conditions like alopecia.  In fact, half of all alopecia sufferers are women.

While it’s generally accepted that hair loss can exact a heavy psychological toll on men, we rarely hear about hair loss in women and how it can impact their self-esteem.  An auto-immune disorder, alopecia can cause partial or total loss of hair on both the head and body and affects approximately 2% of the population of the USA.

But there’s new hope with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.  Most of you will have read sensational accounts of Kim Kardashian’s experience of the “Vampire Facial”.  This is another aesthetic treatment derived from PRP.  Applying the same principle to hair loss, PRP is delivering dramatic results for those who wish to restore lost hair.

Let’s discuss the advantages of PRP therapy for hair growth.

How it works

A small amount of your blood is drawn and then, placed in a centrifuge to render the PRP.  This substance is then applied to stimulate hair growth.  The therapy deploys your own body’s natural systems to help another area of your body.

What could be simpler?

Under a topical anesthetic, the PRP is then injected into the scalp via a micro-thin needle in areas being targeted.

The process stimulates growth in either dormant hair follicles, or newly implanted follicles (depending on your specific case).  PRP treats hair loss caused by any condition (even genetics).


The advantages of PRP therapy for hair growth are many, but these are the most compelling.

To begin with, this style of therapy is non-surgical and minimally invasive, as well as pain-free.  Effective on both men and women, it’s also a relatively rapid procedure, talking only about one hour.

Offering reliable results, PRP therapy for hair growth also requires very little recovery time, with patients returning to their normal, daily lives immediately following their session.

And the biggest advantage?  The results of PRP therapy for hair growth are undetectable.  Unlike follicle implants, there’s no indication that anything has been done, as it’s the hair follicle beneath the skin that’s been treated.

Results timeline

Results from PRP therapy can be seen in as little as 6 months, but managing your expectations is important, so expect a year to pass before the full results are visible.

3 treatments one month apart are usually sufficient, with occasional maintenance treatments 2 to 3 times per year, thereafter.

The first sign that your PRP therapy is taking hold is that you’ll notice less hair failing into the sink, as your follicles begin to respond to treatment.  As time goes by, results will be more noticeable, with some guests seeing these in only 1 or 2 sessions.

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