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What You Need to Know About Permanent Dermal Fillers

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When dermal fillers are mentioned, most likely what comes to mind are temporary solutions to the visible signs of skin aging. However, there are also dermal filler treatments that have permanent and semi-permanent effects, which are equally safe and effective as the commonly used temporary dermal fillers.

So what do you need to know about permanent dermal fillers? Permanent fillers are composed of injectable dermal filler substances that aren’t decomposable. So it follows that the reason for their permanent effect is the fact that they’re not easily metabolized by the body, and this has its given pros and cons.

Is Dermal Filler Permanent?

Dermal fillers that are composed of substances that aren’t metabolized by the body are permanent dermal fillers. These compounds that aren’t quickly broken down by the body are usually injected into thick skin such as the nasolabial fold area.

Dermal filler treatment is effective in correcting wrinkle areas and restoring facial volume loss, resulting in rejuvenated skin. But to achieve this look on a constant basis, some dermal fillers require consistent application of maintenance treatment injections to keep looking young and fresh. Thus, emphasizing the need for permanent dermal fillers.

Can Dermal Fillers Be Permanent

Dermal fillers can be permanent. Even temporary fillers may have a long-lasting effect on some patients. However, it depends on how the body metabolizes or retains such filler substances, which is why most people still look for permanent, or at least, semi-permanent results.

Permanent dermal fillers do more than restore collagen in the treatment area. These kinds of fillers actually help the skin produce new collagen by stimulating it and forming a matrix that encourages the generation process. 

Other than that, permanent fillers also have a higher viscosity than temporary dermal fillers, which adds to their lasting duration inside an individual’s body. On the other hand, the nature of hyaluronic acid filler substances as a soft tissue filler contributes to its vulnerability to filler migration and fast metabolism of such fillers.

What Is a Semi-Permanent Dermal Filler?

There are also instances when permanent filler injections can have a merely semi-permanent effect because the substances can still be broken down by the body after some time. Again, it depends on a patient’s individual body reaction to the dermal filler substance.

Technically, semi-permanent fillers and permanent dermal fillers are basically synonymous. Despite efforts of other people to differentiate between the two, their nature and composition emphasize their similarities.

Best Types of Semi-Permanent Dermal Filler

There are a variety of considerations when thinking about the best semi-permanent filler. Aside from the duration, the composition, purpose, and effect of each type of dermal filler must be taken into consideration. The following are the semi-permanent filler substances and filler injections that patients can choose from:

  • Polyalkylimide. If you’re thinking about long-lasting lip augmentation treatments and permanently having plumper lips for thin lips, or treating severe facial wrinkles that are deep within the facial region, polyalkylimide is a good choice for lip filler injection treatments. The brand name using this dermal filler substance is Aquamid.
  • Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres. PMMA is a permanent dermal filler substance, which requires multiple sessions to result in the best effects. This dermal filler can take up to 12 weeks before the results would be visible. But once the results are seen, PMMA will definitely satisfy patients with permanent results. The brand using this dermal filler substance is Bellafill, which is most effective in acne treatment for acne scars all over the facial region.
  • Poly-L Lactic Acid. Another dermal filler substance with a semi-permanent or permanent effect is Poly-L Lactic Acid. The brand using this dermal filler substance is Sculptra, which is often used to enhance a patient’s facial contour in a gradual manner. In addition, this can also be used to correct deep facial folds and fine lines.
  • Calcium Hydroxyapatite. Calcium hydroxyapatite is a facial filler substance, which Radiesse filler injections are composed of. Radiesse is also used to treat deep facial folds and facial wrinkles, resulting in a permanently youthful look.

There’s no best or worst semi-permanent injectable filler because it depends on the beauty goals that you want to achieve. Aside from that, what works for your body also depends on your body’s reaction to the injectable dermal fillers.

It’s important to seek the services of the best aesthetic provider, especially when working with permanent dermal fillers. An expert aesthetic doctor will know how to work their way around the permanent results of these injectable dermal fillers, including the risk of their irreversible adverse effects.

Pros and Cons of Semi-Permanent Dermal Fillers and Temporary Dermal Fillers

If you’re wondering why choosing between permanent and temporary dermal fillers is a big deal, review the pros and cons of each kind of dermal filler first. Although both kinds of fillers are safe and minimally invasive, some of their pros and cons may be too different so due consideration is required. Shown in the table are the respective pros and cons of semi-permanent and permanent dermal fillers.

ProsConsPermanent resultsPermanent adverse effects with complex filler removal treatmentsNo need for frequent maintenance treatmentsLimited applicability due to filler consistencyQuick procedure, long-lasting effectsSatisfaction on long-term results aren’t guaranteed

Although temporary dermal fillers have a short duration, these soft tissue augmentation fillers are still commonly preferred over permanent dermal fillers. One of the reasons for this is because of their temporary adverse effects and quick injectable filler removal treatments using only hyaluronidase injections.

Other than that, temporary dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid are composed of substances that are naturally found in the body, which makes the body more inclined to accept the dermal filler substance. Brands and product lines using this HA filler substance include Restylane Lyft, Restylane Refyne, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Voluma, and Juvederm Ultra.

Again, these reactions are dependent on a patient’s individual body composition. To ensure that the right dermal filler is injected in a way that has long-lasting effects, only seek the services of the best aesthetic provider.

How to Know The Right Dermal Filler for You

Dermal filler injection results vary from person to person. There are many considerations when choosing the right kind of dermal filler. In order to know the right kind of dermal filler substance that may be fitter for your aesthetic needs and medical history, take note of the following:

  • Research on which dermal filler substances and brands are FDA-approved for the treatment area
  • Research on the ideal candidates for each kind of dermal filler brand
  • Check each dermal filler injections for components or ingredients that you may be allergic to
  • Communicate your beauty goals with your aesthetic provider
  • Seek the services of an expert aesthetic provider

There are also instances when dermal fillers aren’t sufficient to address problem areas. Consult with a plastic surgeon for other recommended cosmetic treatments such as plastic surgery or laser treatment.

Long-Lasting Dermal Filler Treatments at Ethos Spa

The longevity of injectable dermal fillers primarily depends on the kind of filler substance injected into the face, but a major factor can also be the body’s reaction to these kinds of fillers. Not all permanent fillers are advantageous, sometimes they can even do more harm than good. For best results, only seek the services of an expert in aesthetic injectors.

Experience expertly done aesthetic treatments with our state-of-the-art medical aesthetic equipment at Ethos Spa. Personalized treatment plans are created by our board-certified physicians who are highly trained and experienced, who will determine if you are a qualified candidate for facial filler injections (e.g, hyaluronic acid filler treatments) or other alternative cosmetic treatments that will be fitter for your aesthetic needs.

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