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Uncovering the Truth: Can You Stop Testosterone Therapy Once You’ve Started?

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At Ethos Spa, we know that starting testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a big decision. As leaders in advanced skincare and aesthetics, we also understand the importance of making informed choices about anything you put into your body.

That’s why we’re dedicated to empowering you with the facts about TRT—including whether it’s possible to stop therapy once you’ve begun. Understanding what happens when stopping TRT will help you and your doctor determine the right treatment plan.

Can You Discontinue TRT?

The main question many of our clients have is: once you start testosterone replacement therapy, can you stop?

The short answer is yes, it is possible to stop TRT after you’ve begun treatment. However, there are some important factors to consider.

When you stop supplemental testosterone, your levels will drop back down into hypogonadal ranges unless your body can restore its own natural production.

If your testosterone deficiency was caused by primary hypogonadism, your testes may not be able to resume normal function when you halt therapy. In these cases, TRT may need to be lifelong.

However, for men with age-related decline or secondary hypogonadism, discontinuing TRT may be possible in some situations, like if the underlying condition is treated.

What Happens When Stopping TRT?

When you discontinue testosterone after long-term replacement therapy, you can expect your testosterone levels to plummet within a matter of weeks.

Low T symptoms like reduced energy, decreased muscle mass, erectile dysfunction and mood changes will likely reemerge. The magnitude of symptoms depends on the individual.

It’s crucial to taper off TRT slowly and under medical supervision. Stopping abruptly can cause hormone fluctuations that negatively impact your physical and mental health.

By working closely with your doctor and getting bloodwork monitored, you can cease therapy in a controlled manner with minimal disruption.

Who May Consider Stopping TRT?

You may wish to re-evaluate the need for ongoing testosterone therapy if:

  • Your testosterone levels normalize due to positive lifestyle changes like weight loss, improved diet or exercise.
  • The underlying condition causing low T is treated, allowing natural production to resume.
  • You experience side effects like prostate enlargement, polycythemia or cardiovascular effects.
  • You want to attempt conception, since TRT can impair sperm production.
  • Costs become prohibitive, such as losing health insurance coverage.

Again, have an open discussion with your doctor to determine if discontinuing TRT is appropriate based on your circumstances.

Take Control of Your Health

At Ethos Spa, your goals are our goals. We want to provide you with the treatments and information to take charge of your health.

If you’re considering TRT, explore the possibilities with our team of professionals. We’ll help you understand the benefits, risks and what to expect, including whether stopping therapy is feasible for you.

Remember, you have the power to define beauty and confidence on your own terms. We’re here to support you every step of the way with integrity and expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Stopping Testosterone Therapy

What are the short-term effects of stopping TRT?

When you first discontinue therapy, you may notice symptoms like fatigue, mood changes, and decreases in muscle mass and libido as your testosterone levels drop. These effects are temporary as your body adjusts.

If I stop TRT, will I lose muscle gains?

You may experience some muscle loss initially when stopping treatment, but with diet, exercise and lifestyle adjustments, you can maintain strength. Speak to your doctor about strategies.

How long until testosterone levels recover after quitting therapy?

It can take a few months for your testosterone production to ramp back up after ending supplementation. Timeframe varies based on the person and duration of prior TRT.

Can I restart TRT after stopping?

Yes, you can restart treatment in the future if needed. Your doctor will re-evaluate your hormone levels and symptoms to determine if restarting TRT is appropriate.

Are there permanent effects of taking testosterone therapy?

Permanent impacts are unlikely if TRT is administered properly under medical supervision. However, prolonged use may affect fertility. Discuss thoroughly with your provider.

What happens if I stop TRT cold turkey?

Quitting therapy abruptly can create a hormonal rollercoaster. Significant testosterone fluctuations can negatively impact physical and mental health. Always taper off slowly.

How often should I get bloodwork done after stopping TRT?

Your doctor will advise on the ideal frequency of bloodwork to monitor testosterone and other hormone levels as you discontinue therapy. This helps ensure proper adjustment.

What lifestyle changes can support healthy testosterone levels?

Diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management all influence testosterone balance. Your doctor can suggest lifestyle adjustments to optimize natural hormone production.

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