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Do Lip Fillers for Thin Lips Work?

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The lips are one of the most prominent facial features that people notice immediately, which is why many people want to enhance them to look more attractive. Lip fillers are great for reshaping the lips and adding volume to them, so it’s the go-to treatment for patients who have naturally thin lips or those who have thinning lips due to aging.

So are lip fillers really effective in adding more volume to thin lips? Yes, lip filler injections increase or restore lip volume almost immediately after the procedure. They also increase collagen production in the treated area so patients can still enjoy pouty lips for longer even if the injectable has been absorbed by the body.

Can People With Really Thin Lips Get Lip Fillers?

Soft tissue filler treatments are great at treating lots of different cosmetic concerns, so it’s not surprising that about 3.4 million procedures were performed in the country alone – including lip filler treatments that helped patients restore volume to their thinning lips.

Lip fillers for thin lips are a great alternative to lip implants because they’re safe and easy to perform. If you’re interested in getting fillers for small lips, here’s what you need to know about the procedure first:

How Lip Filler for Small Lips Works

Lip filler injections are a specific type of dermal filler that is specially formulated to add volume to lips and maintain their shape for longer. They also come in different active ingredients, but the most commonly used lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid – a natural substance in the body that makes the skin flexible and keeps it hydrated.

When injected into the lips using a blunt-tip needle, the lip filler instantly adds volume to the thin lips. Hyaluronic acid also attracts water molecules so the lips retain their new shape. The material also increases collagen production in the area, making the results last longer even after the filler has been absorbed by the body. 

How Much Lip Fillers in Small Lips Do I Need?

The exact amount of lip fillers needed varies per patient since everyone has unique lip anatomy and different desired results. Most patients only need one syringe to experience noticeable results, but others might need more if they want dramatic results.

If the patient wants more lip volume for their thin lips, they’re advised to gradually receive additional injections every few weeks until they achieve their desired results. The time in between treatment sessions is necessary because it allows patients to heal the treated area and see the full results of the initial treatment before deciding if they want more volume or not.

Do Small Mouth Lip Fillers Hurt More?

Since lip fillers are minimally invasive, patients only experience minimal pain during the procedure – regardless of the size and thickness of their natural lips. Everyone has a different pain threshold, so what might be painful for others can be tolerable for you, or vice versa.

The good news is that most lip fillers already contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic used by doctors to minimize pain and discomfort during cosmetic procedures. But if you’re still worried about the pain during the treatment, it always helps to talk to the provider about different numbing options if they offer them.

Will Lip Fillers on Thin Lips Look Big and Obvious?

What many patients love about getting lip filler injections is that they don’t look obvious and overdone even on thin lips. Lip fillers administered by experienced providers are meant to subtly and naturally enhance the lip shape.

If your lip fillers look big and obvious, then the provider might have injected too many fillers or administered them in the wrong area. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers can be dissolved with hyaluronidase and redone until the patient achieves the best natural-looking full pout they want.

What is the Best Lip Filler for Thin Lips?

There are lots of different dermal filler types that are used as lip injections, but the most popular ones are hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid gel fillers are safe and easy to use, allowing injectors to mold the material in place to achieve the best lip shape for the patient. These fillers can also be dissolved with hyaluronidase in case patients aren’t satisfied with their results.

Some of the most commonly used hyaluronic acid-based filler brands for thin lips include:

  • Restylane – Restylane is a collection of hyaluronic acid fillers that come in different formulations for different treatment areas. The best ones to use for increasing lip volume and erasing fine lines around that mouth are Restylane Kysse and Restylane Silk. These filler injections have smooth consistency for accurate application and subtle lip enhancement.
  • Juvederm – Juvederm is another line of hyaluronic acid fillers made to fight different signs of aging, including thinning lips. Most providers use Juvederm Volbella XC and Juvederm Ultra XC for the lips and mouth area because they’re great at plumping the lips without making them look overdone. Aside from adding lip volume and improving lip symmetry, these Juvederm injections also reduce fine lines around the mouth.

Lip Filler Results on Small Lips and How Long They Last

Lip filler injections work great on people with small mouths and thin lips who want to enhance their pout in a natural-looking way. The initial results are typically visible immediately after the treatment, but the final results may take weeks to show – as the lip filler takes some time to settle and produce more collagen.

It’s also common for patients to experience mild side effects like bruising, swelling, and pain after their treatment, but these symptoms go away on their own after a few days. However, patients should still contact their provider if the side effects worsen or persist after about 2 weeks.

Although lip fillers last long, they’re still not a permanent solution to thinning lips. Most patients enjoy thicker lips for a couple of months up to a few years before needing additional treatments to maintain their results.

How to Take Care of Your Lips After a Lip Filler Treatment

Right after the treatment session, the provider might need to observe the patient for a few minutes first to ensure that they don’t experience any serious side effects like dizziness or substantial bleeding. The lips may be swollen, bruised, and sensitive for a while so it’s important to take extra care of it as the injection sites heal.

The injector also provides aftercare instructions for patients to ensure the best results and minimize side effects. Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind as the lips heal:

  • Apply an ice pack to alleviate pain, swelling, and inflammation but make sure that the ice is wrapped in a clean cloth to avoid infection.
  • Don’t wear lipstick and other lip products for at least 24 hours to avoid irritating the treated area.
  • Refrain from touching the treated area or applying pressure to avoid filler migration.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and accelerate the healing process.

Can People With Thin Lips After Lip Fillers Get Treated Again?

Since lip filler injections are minimally invasive, it’s safe for patients to receive them again after a few weeks or months. It’s crucial to wait in between sessions to let the treated area fully heal and allow the minor side effects to subside.

Lip fillers are long-lasting but they aren’t permanent, so it’s common for patients to return to their provider every few months for a retouch. Make sure to talk to your provider about additional lip filler injections once the results start fading.

Achieve Naturally Pouty Lips With Lip Fillers at Ethos Spa

Getting lip fillers is a personal decision, but it’s the best non-surgical option for patients with thin lips who want a fuller, more luscious pout. But before finding a lip filler provider and undergoing the treatment, it’s crucial to read up about your chosen procedure first and make an informed decision about enhancing your facial features.

At Ethos Spa, we help clients boost their self-confidence and become their most beautiful selves using non-surgical cosmetic procedures like lip filler treatments. Call us today to book a consultation or to know more about our lip filler treatments.

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