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How to Get a Perfectly Full Top Lip with Fillers

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Why You May Need A Top Lip Filler to Achieve Your Dream Pout

Do you ever catch yourself staring longingly at someone with a beautiful, full top lip? Do you wish you could go from a thin, uneven pucker to a gorgeous, plump pout? More and more women are seeking lip filler to enhance their top lip specifically.

At Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness, Dr. Soni specializes in creating natural, beautiful lip augmentation using dermal fillers. 

With his artistic eye and advanced injection techniques, you can finally achieve your dream lips by focusing treatments only on your upper lip area. 

Read on to learn all about getting filler in just your top lip for the perfect pout.

The Role of the Top Lip in Facial Aesthetics

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The top lip plays an important role in framing facial features and influencing perceptions of attractiveness. A full, well-defined upper lip balances out the lower lip and adds symmetry to the mouth. It also draws attention upwards to the smile, eyes and midface.

Conversely, a thin or aging top lip can create imbalanced facial proportions, directing focus downwards to a sagging chin or jowls. Augmenting just the top lip is an effective, minimally invasive way to create more aesthetic facial proportions and a refreshed, youthful look.

How Lip Fillers Can Help

Lip fillers can help add volume specifically to the top lip to provide definition and balance out a thinning upper lip. Strategic injection techniques allow providers to target filler placement in the upper lip area. This creates a fuller, more youthful upper lip contour to complement the lower lip.

The most common fillers used for lip augmentation today are hyaluronic acid-based products. Brands like Juvederm and Restylane offer formulas designed for delicate lip tissue. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers work by absorbing water and expanding under the skin, plumping up the lips. The effects are temporary but long-lasting – typically 6 months to 1 year before repeat injections are needed.

Can You Get Lip Fillers Just on the Top Lip?

Getting filler in just the top lip is a popular option for enhancing lips gradually. Many patients prefer to start with the upper lip only, as this creates a balanced, natural look. 

Focusing on the top lip gives you a subtle improvement. Then, you can always opt to add more filler to the bottom later on if you wish.

You may choose to augment just the top lip if:

  • Your top lip is disproportionately small or thinning with age
  • You have a gummy smile and want to minimize showing your gums
  • You want to try a conservative, understated lip enhancement
  • You like the look of a fuller top lip and thinner bottom lip

No matter your reasons for picking top lip filler, you’re not alone. More and more patients recognize that targeting one lip allows for a customizable, natural enhancement.

Enhance your top lip with precision – contact Dr. Soni for a natural, beautiful pout!

Benefits of Top Lip Filler

Some of the benefits of getting lip filler just in your top lip include:

  1. More subtle, gradual enhancement

    Focusing on the top lip creates a delicate augmentation that looks incredibly natural. This enhances your lip shape without going overboard.
  1. Balanced proportions

    For many, overfilling both the top and bottom lips leads to that dreaded duck lip look. Filler in just the top allows you to maintain symmetry.
  1. Draws attention upwards

    Fuller top lips focus attention on your smile and eyes. This can visually minimize signs of aging around the chin and jawline.
  1. Non-surgical lip lift

    Strategically placed filler can define Cupid’s bow and lift the upper lip for a more youthful appearance. This subtle lift is an alternative to lip lift surgery.
  1. Customization

    You can always opt to add filler to your bottom lip later on. But starting with just the top allows you to take a gradual approach if you wish.

Difference Between Top and Lower Lip Fillers

The main difference between top and lower lip filler comes down to placement.

Top lip filler involves injecting dermal filler precisely into the upper lip area. This can include the upper lip skin, lip line, Cupid’s bow and philtrum (the dip under your nose). 

Augmenting the top lip helps:

1Add fullness and definition to a thinning upper lip
2Smooth out vertical lip lines around the top lip
3Create a subtle lip lift effect by enhancing Cupid’s bow
4Draw attention upwards from a small chin or sagging jawline

Lower lip filler focuses on enhancing the bottom lip specifically. This is done by injecting filler along the lower lip border and into the body of the lip. 

Reasons for lower lip filler include:

1Increasing “poutiness” of the bottom lip
2Balancing out the proportions of thin top lip and fuller lower lip
3Defining a blurred lip line along the lower border
4Creating the appearance of a lower face lift by focusing attention on the fuller lower lip

The type and amount of filler used will depend on which lip you are treating and the look you want to achieve. 

Talk to Dr. Soni about your specific goals to create a customized filler plan today!

Common Side Effects of Top Lip Filler

Lip filler is considered a very safe procedure with minimal side effects when performed by an experienced cosmetic provider. Some potential (but temporary) side effects include:

  • Swelling, bruising, redness around the lips lasting up to 2 weeks
  • Tenderness, numbness or coldness for a few days
  • Occasional small bumps under the skin that usually resolve within 2 weeks as your body naturally absorbs the hyaluronic acid particles.
  • Asymmetry or unevenness between the top and bottom lip which generally resolves as swelling decreases. Slight asymmetry may persist in some cases.
  • Rare side effects like infection, vascular occlusion or allergic reaction are unlikely when proper injection protocols are followed.

Overall, side effects from top lip filler are temporary and relatively minor when the treatment is performed correctly. 

Be sure to choose an injector like Dr. Soni who has extensive experience and specialized training in lip enhancements. This ensures you receive natural looking results with minimal side effects.

How to Prolong the Longevity of Top Lip Filler

lip filler treatment

While individual results vary, lip filler typically lasts 6 months to 2 years before you need a touch up treatment. Here are some tips for making your enhanced pout last as long as possible:

  1. Choose an expert injector like Dr. Soni. His excellent technique leads to long lasting, even filler distribution and a natural look.
  2. Get routine touch ups before filler fully dissipates. Most patients need a touch up around the 6 month mark to maintain results.
  3. Avoid too much direct sunlight. UV rays can degrade hyaluronic acid fillers over time. Wear SPF daily.
  4. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin and filler healthy.
  5. Gently treat your lips. Avoid rubbing, massaging or applying excessive pressure to the area.
  6. Notify Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness of any irregularities. Small bumps or nodules can be quickly corrected early on before they become permanent.
  7. Adhere to Dr. Soni’s aftercare instructions, including avoiding certain medications that thin the blood. This prevents filler from migrating.

Give Lip Filler a Try and Fall in Love with Your New Pout

If you’ve always wanted fuller, more gorgeous lips, why wait any longer? At Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness, Dr. Soni specializes in creating beautiful, natural lip enhancements tailored to your individual needs and goals. Whether you desire subtle volume in just your top lip or complete lip rejuvenation, we can give you the perfect pout.

To schedule your lip filler consultation with Dr. Soni, call us at (908) 628-1916 or book online today.

During your visit, we’ll:

  • Evaluate your lips and desired outcome
  • Recommend a customized treatment plan
  • Thoroughly explain the process so you know what to expect

With Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness, you’re in good hands. We utilize the latest dermal filler innovations from brands like Juvederm and Restylane for safe, long lasting, and incredibly natural results. Contact us today to get the perfect lips you’ve always wanted!


Is lip filler painful?

Lip filler injections involve some mild discomfort. Dr. Soni uses numbness medication to maximize comfort. The procedure itself takes 15-30 minutes for the top lip. Any sensation felt during injections is temporary.

How long does lip filler in the top lip last?

Lip filler in the top lip lasts 6-12 months. With periodic touch-ups every 6-12 months, you can maintain your plump, youthful-looking pout long-term.

Can lip filler in the top lip get rid of smile lines?

Yes, lip filler in the top lip can effectively reduce smile lines by adding volume to plump and smooth out these wrinkles.

Is there bruising and downtime with top lip filler?

Minimal bruising, swelling or tenderness may occur but resolve within days. Most patients can return to normal activities right after treatment.

How can lip filler bBenefit older adults?

Lip filler can restore lost volume, smooth lines, define the lip border, balance facial proportions and boost confidence in older adults. Results may last 1-2 years thanks to slower metabolism, meaning less maintenance needed.

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