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How Much Are Kysse Injections? A Guide to Lip Filler Costs

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Before you envy their smile, discover what Kysse’s subtle enhancement really costs

Are you curious whether revolutionary new fillers like Kysse could enhance your pout, but hesitant about the costs? 

What exactly should you expect to pay per syringe? 

What factors affect the price? 

How does Kysse compare cost-wise to alternatives like Juvederm? Read on for insider advice from Ethos Spa’s Dr. Hardik Soni to demystify lip filler costs and determine your budget.

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What is Kysse Lip Filler?

lip filler treatment

Kysse is one of the newest and most advanced dermal fillers designed specifically for the delicate lip area. This revolutionary product contains hyaluronic acid to add subtle volume and hydration to the lips and mouth region. 

But what really makes Kysse stand out compared to other fillers on the market?

Specialized XpresHAn Technology

Kysse uses an exclusive crosslinking technology called XpresHAn to create its smooth hyaluronic acid gel. This patented formula allows Kysse to seamlessly integrate into the lip tissue after injection. 

Rather than sitting atop the skin like some fillers, Kysse becomes one with the natural lip structure.

According to Dr. Soni, the XpresHAn technology offers a few key benefits:

  • Requires less filler to achieve full, plump results
  • Allows for natural, flexible movement of the lips
  • Enhances lip texture and color for a rejuvenated appearance
  • Softens fine lines around the mouth

The specialized XpresHAn formula is what makes Kysse uniquely suited for the delicate lip area. It provides incredibly natural-looking, smooth volume that moves naturally with your expressions.

Designed Specifically for Lips

While many fillers can be used on the lips and other areas of the face, Kysse stands out as one of the first products designed specifically for lip augmentation and enhancement.

Everything about Kysse is optimized for the sensitive lip structure, from the smooth gel particles to the low amount of filler required. Patients see fuller, softer lips with subtle enhancement of color and texture.

Other key benefits of Kysse:

  • Defines lip borders for improved shape
  • Adds hydration and moisture
  • Minimal swelling or bruising
  • Results last up to 1 year

According to Dr. Soni, the specialized Kysse formula allows for beautiful lip enhancement with a very natural look and feel. Smiling, talking and other expressions appear smooth and supple.

The Kysse Difference

Kysse lip filler represents an exciting new innovation in lip augmentation. This revolutionary product uses advanced XpresHAn technology to integrate seamlessly into the lip tissue after injection.

Developed exclusively for the delicate lip area, Kysse adds subtle volume and hydration while maintaining complete natural movement. If you’re looking to improve your lip shape, texture, and youthfulness, Kysse may be the perfect choice.

What is the Average Cost of Restylane Kysse Lip Filler?

The average cost of Restylane Kysse lip filler is $700. The typical price range for a syringe hovers from $600 to $800. However, your location, provider, number of syringes, and treatment facility can all impact the total cost.

Location Matters

Where you live makes a big difference in Kysse pricing. In major metropolitan cities, especially coastal regions, the average cost trends higher, around $800+ per syringe. 

Prices tend to be more affordable away from the coasts and in smaller inland cities, averaging $600-700 per treatment.

Why the location difference? Experienced injectors in high demand markets can charge more for their services. Also, the cost of real estate and running a practice is more expensive in many urban areas. Geographic region has a significant effect on the price you’ll pay.

Type of Provider

Board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons typically charge the most for Kysse, ranging from $700 up to $900+ per syringe. 

Their specialized training and expertise command higher pricing. Going to an experienced nurse injector at a medspa usually costs less, around $600-750 per treatment.

Number of Syringes

The amount of product needed also impacts your total cost. While subtle lip enhancement may only require 1 syringe at $600-800, more significant augmentation often needs 1.5-2 syringes, increasing the overall price. The more filler required, the higher your total expense.

Treatment Facility

Finally, where you have the injections done affects cost as well. Treatments performed in high-end clinics or surgical centers are generally more expensive than in a regular medical office setting. The facility fees factor into the pricing.

Get Personalized Pricing

While the typical cost of Restylane Kysse ranges from $600-800 per syringe, your total expense can vary based on your location, provider, number of syringes, and facility. Consult with injectors to learn personalized pricing for your desired results.

Comparing Kysse and Volbella Lip Fillers

When researching options for lip augmentation, two of the leading choices are Restylane’s Kysse and Juvederm’s Volbella. How do these popular fillers compare in terms of cost and key features?

Pricing Per Syringe

While both fillers are considered relatively expensive, Kysse tends to cost more per syringe. See the pricing comparison below:

TreatmentCost per Syringe
Restylane Kysse$695 – $795 (full 1mL)
Juvederm Volbella$450 – $650 (0.55mL)

However, it’s important to note that Kysse contains nearly double the amount of product per syringe compared to Volbella. Looking at cost per mL, the pricing is actually quite similar between the two advanced fillers.

Key Differences

According to Dr. Soni, the main differences between Kysse and Volbella are:

  • Kysse uses patented XpresHA cross-linking technology, while Volbella uses Juvederm’s Vycross technology.
  • Kysse integration and tissue support may allow for longer duration and more supple, natural-looking results.
  • Both are specially formulated for the delicate lip area.
  • Either option enhances lips beautifully when injected properly.

Within the Restylane family, Kysse and Silk are designed for lips. But Kysse utilizes newer technology for improved feel and longevity.

For severe lines around the mouth, other Restylane fillers like Refyne or Defyne may be better options than Kysse.

Choosing Your Lip Filler

When choosing between Kysse and Volbella, consider factors like:

  • Your budget and pricing in your area
  • The technology and specialized formulation
  • Your provider’s expertise and recommendations

What’s the Cheapest Lip Filler?

lip filler treatment

The cheapest lip filler is Juvederm. Specifically, Juvederm’s Ultra XC and Volbella products typically range from $400 to $700 per syringe. Compared to the  $600 minimum price of Restylane Kysse, that’s a clear $200 difference. 

Juvederm uses patented Vycross technology to create smooth hyaluronic acid gels that integrate well into the lips. Volbella is specially formulated for subtle lip enhancement, while Ultra XC works better for deeper lines around the mouth.

Other potential affordable options are Revanesse Versa and Teosyal Kiss. These lesser-known fillers cost approximately $500-550 per syringe on average. However, they may not produce the same long-lasting or natural-looking results as Juvederm.

You should know that choosing the “cheapest” lip filler is not always the best approach. Extremely low prices of $200-300 per syringe likely indicate an inexperienced injector or potentially unsafe product.

It’s better to invest a little more into an established, FDA-approved filler from a reputable provider.

While Restylane and Juvéderm products range from $600-800 on average, Juvederm offers rebates directly from the manufacturer to lower costs. Combining rebates with current specials from your chosen injector can make Juvederm treatments highly affordable.


Where can I find Kysse lip filler near me?

To find Kysse lip filler near you, use the Restylane and Galderma provider locators online to find certified injectors offering Kysse lip filler nearby. Vet each provider thoroughly based on credentials, training, reviews, and before/after photos. 

Schedule consultations to evaluate your lips and get personalized pricing. Choose an experienced, reputable injector for optimal results.

How long does Kysse lip filler last?

Kysse lip filler results can last up to 1 year. Most patients require touch-up treatments every 9-12 months to maintain lip fullness and hydration. Longevity varies based on factors like injection technique, your anatomy, and how quickly your body metabolizes the hyaluronic acid. 

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