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Juvederm Voluma: Easy Solution for Sunken Cheeks

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Cheek fillers can be used for various parts of the face these days – the chin, lips, the nose, and of course, the cheeks. As we age, cheeks are one of the first parts of the face to start showing signs, with the youthful cheek fullness of your 20s and 30s gradually sinking and hollowing, leaving sunken cheeks that leave you looking older by years.

Juvederm Voluma XC is the preferred injectable dermal filler for cheek filler enhancements, as it specializes in contouring and lifting areas like the chin and cheek. The Juvederm Voluma volumizer is modified hyaluronic acid fillers, which is a natural substance that can be found in our skin. Voluma is just one of a few FDA-approved products produced by Juvéderm, with other injectables used for areas like smile lines and lips.

In this article, we give you a complete explainer on Juvederm Voluma, from the basics to the results to aftercare and more.

Cheek Fillers: The Basics

Why do cheeks get sunken?

One of the most common questions we get is – why have my cheeks become sunken? Many patients wonder why, even if their overall body fat has stayed the same or even increased, they’ve noticed a natural sinking of their facial cheeks over the last few years.

The main reason for this is natural ageing. As we age, we gradually lose a certain type of fat around the eyes and the mouth, the subcutaneous fat. Our natural bones remain in place while the cheeks sink away, leaving you with the sunken cheek look.

Environmental factors can also contribute to the sunken look, such as too much exposure to the sun, constant smoking, and chronic dehydration, as these take away vital nutrients from the skin, leading to a loss of elasticity.

Will cheek fillers lift your face?

Yes, facial fillers technically lift the face after they have been injected into the patient’s system, although perhaps not exactly in the way you expect. Cheek filler injections return lost volume to the patient’s face, but it would be difficult if not impossible to recreate the complete natural look of youthful cheeks.

Instead, hyaluronic acid fillers create the illusion of filling out the skin and lips with volume. These injections are strategically placed around and above the cheekbones and lips, adding greater definition to the bone structure while filling in the sunken area. A great bonus of Juvederm hyaluronic acid fillers is they also naturally smooth out and fill in any nearby fine lines and wrinkles.

Can cheek fillers drop?

Juvéderm Voluma XC and Juvéderm Ultra XC can be tricky no matter where they may be injected. When getting Juvederm injected anywhere on your face, it’s important that you only have it done by a trusted and professional team with a long history of successful patients. When performed improperly, you risk having things going wrong with side effects including experiencing your Juvederm drop.

If the Juvéderm Voluma XC or Juvéderm Ultra XC gets pushed out of place before it fully sets in, then you risk wasting the entire treatment and even possibly ruining your look. Make sure you have your treatment performed by a trusted doctor or dermal filler provider to ensure best results.

What is the best filler for the cheeks?

With so many different fillers on the market, how do you know which is actually best for your cheeks? Plenty of doctors recommend the Juvéderm Voluma XC as their main choice for fillers of the cheeks. The reason for this is because Juvederm Voluma cheeks filler has a high particle size and G Prime, which produces a greater appearance of a lift than other fillers.

The thickness of Voluma XC makes it a filler that can easily add support and structure to the face. It is also the hyaluronic acid fillers that last the longest, up to two years in some cases, making it financially preferable.

Other fillers that would work well on the cheeks include the Restylane Lyft and the Juvéderm Ultra XC for patients with thinner skin. While dermal injectables are typically flexible and can be used in different parts of the face such as the lips, it is important to use the right ones for the areas they were designed for if you want ideal results.

Can face fillers go wrong?

For the most part, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting face injectables. As long as your treatment is performed by doctors or providers you can trust, with all the care and treatment equipment you need for a smooth experience. There is only really a risk of face injectables going wrong when the provider doesn’t have much experience, which could lead to ineffective injection practices that could make you look worse, not better.

You also need to make sure as a patient that you are truly getting the real branded Juvéderm Voluma XC or Juvéderm Ultra XC for volume loss, rather than cheaper knock off injectables that might be made of lesser, potentially dangerous substances.

Another risk of Juvederm is known as “filler fatigue”, which can be seen in some celebrities who have undergone one too many Juvéderm Voluma XC or Juvéderm Ultra XC treatments. Filler fatigue occurs when you put too much filler in a part of your face – such as the cheeks – that the pocket of skin becomes so expanded that you need even more filler to keep it up.

After that additional filler is injected in, you then need filler in other parts of the face or else your entire face will look unbalanced. This cycle continues until the face permanently looks puffed up and swollen.

This is why it is important to have your treatments done with professionals who can give you the best recommendations and advice. With trusted professionals who understand bone structure, facial harmony, and the importance of referring back to these underlying aesthetics, you are guaranteed to have results you can be happy with. The doctor must have somewhat of an artistic eye, or they won’t be able to know what might work best for your face and looks.

Juvéderm Voluma – Why Voluma is the Ideal Cheek Filler

Woman is getting filler injection in cheeks.

What exactly does Voluma do?

Juvéderm Voluma XC is designed to specifically treat the volume-loss experienced in the upper cheeks. As we age, we naturally lose volume loss in the cheek area due to a combination of a loss of elasticity, a loss of skin collagen, and just natural wear and tear over time. The loss of volume leads to an increase in lines in the areas around the cheek, such as smile lines around the lips, marionette lines, and jowls, leading to a sagging, wrinkled appearance that worsens over time.

Juvéderm Voluma XC restores the fullness in this area by adding volume with hyaluronic acid to the middle-face area. By returning volume to the cheeks, patients can achieve an instant lifted and contoured appearance that highlights the cheekbones and erases the surrounding lines.

Can you trust Voluma?

Juvéderm Voluma XC is produced by Allergan, one of the biggest and most trusted companies in the cosmetic industry. Allergan is the manufacturer of Latisse, all Juvederm products like Juvéderm Ultra XC, and Botox, so they have a long history of producing safe and effective injectables, as long as these are used by trusted professionals.

How quickly does Voluma work?

Like all Juvederm dermal treatments for volume, skin, and lips, patients can expect to see some changes immediately after the treatment, with an initial increase in plump and fullness visible due to the filler injected beneath the skin. This initial swelling should go down overnight, which is why it is important to gently massage the area immediately after the treatment and several times throughout the day.

However, you will need to wait about 1-2 weeks before seeing final and full results of your Voluma treatment in your cheeks. This is the average time needed for dermal filler to settle beneath the skin and get in all the places intended by you and your doctor or provider.

In 1-2 weeks, the kind of results you can expect to see include a contouring and lifting of the cheeks, filling in the sunken areas to give more definition to your cheekbones and making your cheeks a more prominent part of your face.

How much does one syringe of Juvéderm cost?

Juvéderm typically costs anywhere from $600 to $700 per single syringe.

Does Voluma hurt?

Many patients are concerned about the pain they might experience during a dermal filler treatment, but like all other dermal injectables, the only pain you might experience while getting Voluma XC is the discomfort of having syringes injected into your face.

This can lead to some mild bruising and swelling that may last a few days. Other than that, there should be no side effects or pain directly related to the cheek filler itself.

Is one syringe of Voluma enough for cheeks? How much Voluma do you need for cheeks?

Patients typically require two syringes per treatment session of Voluma for a thorough treatment, although some treatments may require up to six syringes of Voluma. The price for a single syringe of Juvéderm Voluma XC varies from $1000 to $1500. Juvéderm Ultra XC is typically more affordable.

Important Aftercare Tips and Reminders

Should you massage Voluma?

Many patients ask if they should massage their injected areas after a treatment of Juvederm Voluma, particularly due to a bumpy, lumpy feeling around the cheeks after the treatment. This bumpiness is a normal side effect after getting fillers for cheeks, so don’t worry too much over it. Typically, the bumpiness is caused by a mixture of swelling as a reaction to the injections as well as Voluma droplets resting directly on the cheekbones.

After the facial treatment, your doctor or provider should immediately gently massage the Voluma around the injected area, allowing it to spread where it needs to go. You will then be instructed to gently massage the area about five times per day in five-minute intervals for the week after the treatment.

How often should you get cheek fillers?

The great thing about Juvederm Voluma XC is that it lasts much longer than all other dermal injectables, with Voluma being known as the longest-lasting dermal filler with results lasting up to two years. Other dermal fillers can start to fade within six months, with most dermal fillers having a lifetime longevity of a year.

If you are satisfied with the look of your hyaluronic acid treatment, you won’t need to get it until the Voluma completely dissolves roughly two years after the treatment. However having it topped up or going in for a maintenance session before the two years is up is totally fine, as long as your doctor or provider is aware of your previous treatment.

Are there side effects?

The usual Voluma aftercare experience is quite painless, with side effects including a few days of light bruising and swelling around the injection sites, followed by a week of personal, gentle massaging to ensure that the Voluma spreads around the area properly. Patients can typically expect full results to be visible 1-2 weeks after the treatment, with their cheeks having a lifted, contoured look and the cheekbones looking more defined and distinct as a prominent feature of the face. There should be no other facial side effects for your skin or lips to worry about.

If you would like to have your bruises fade away more quickly, some clinics offer complimentary laser treatments that can help the bruises disappear immediately.

 We would also recommend applying ice packs immediately after the treatment to lessen the development of side effects like bruises before they occur. It also helps to avoid any blood thinning medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin before and after the facial treatment, as these can promote the development of facial bruises.

How long does Juvéderm Voluma last in cheeks?

Juvéderm Voluma XC facial treatment lasts up to two years in the cheeks as the longest-lasting dermal filler on the market, with the Juvéderm Ultra XC lasting up to a year in volume. This makes it more cost-efficient than other dermal filler treatments available.

Ethos Spa: New Jersey’s Premier Destination for Juvéderm Voluma XC and More

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With our patient-centric approach that helps clients achieve exactly what they want, we have earned a reputation of being the number one provider of cheeks fillers, laser facial treatments, and many more cosmetic facial services.

Learn more about Juvéderm Voluma XC and Juvéderm Ultra XC at Ethos Spa and find out exactly how we can help you get the cheekbones of your dreams. Restore your volume and reclaim your youthful skin beauty with just a single facial treatment. Call us or book your facial appointment through our website today!

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