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Zarephath, NJ

Step into Zarephath, New Jersey, a town bursting with history, resilience, and a vibrant tapestry of cultures.

From its historic roots tied deeply to the Pillar of Fire Church, through its remarkable comeback after a natural disaster, to its flourishing present, Zarephath offers a unique blend of past, present, and future.

The Threads of History: Zarephath’s Rich Tapestry

Delving into Zarephath, NJ, one finds a tapestry of history that is as rich as it is unique. The small community, once a communal home for the Pillar of Fire Church, has since become a symbol of resilience and faith, just like its biblical namesake.

Zarephath, the ancient town where a widow miraculously sustained the prophet, Elijah, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this NJ locale.

What sets Zarephath apart from the rest is its evolution over time. A striking event that shaped Zarephath’s current state was the damaging flooding from Hurricane Irene in 2011.

The aftermath resulted in the community, including the Pillar of Fire Church and Pillar of Fire International, being ordered to move out of the floodplain.

Despite the challenge, they triumphed over adversity by establishing a new campus in Somerset, proving that just like the biblical Zarephath, the community here is built on resilience.

Population and Demographics

Zarephath, with its population of 94 residents as of 2020, is a vibrant mix of cultures.

The three largest ethnic groups are:

Ethnic GroupPercentagePopulation
Asian (Non-Hispanic)37.2%35
Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)36.2%34
White (Non-Hispanic)26.6%25
White (Hispanic)0%0
Black or African American (Hispanic)0%0

This multi-ethnic diversity adds a unique flavor to the community, creating a mosaic that is as varied as it is harmonious.

A testament to the tight-knit community in Zarephath is the fact that 91.5% of its residents are U.S. citizens. Furthermore, all households reported English as their primary language, indicating a sense of unity in communication, despite the multicultural makeup of the community.

Economy and Average Income

As Zarephath continues to recover from the 2011 disaster, specifics about its economy and average income remain unspecified. What we do know, though, is that the community is industrious and resilient, as demonstrated by their move and establishment of a new campus post-flooding.


One unique aspect of Zarephath is that most residents prefer walking to work. It might be a path less traveled in most American towns, but here in Zarephath, the average commute time of 26.9 minutes spent on foot paints a picture of a community that values simplicity and healthy living.

Additionally, the average car ownership in Zarephath is one car per household, reinforcing the town’s penchant for practical and eco-friendly transport options.


Readington has a reliable healthcare system that provides a wide array of services to its residents. The township has several primary healthcare providers, including Family Care Medical Group and Hunterdon Family Medicine at Branchburg. These facilities offer services such as routine checkups, preventive medicine, and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries.

Hunterdon Medical Center, Princeton Medical Center, and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, which offer specialized services in areas such as cancer treatment, cardiac care, and orthopedics, also serve Readington residents.


While Zarephath itself doesn’t house any public schools, its proximity to several elementary and middle schools makes education accessible.

Schools like Roosevelt School and Weston Elementary School, both within a 5-mile radius, provide quality education to the children of Zarephath.


In terms of health facilities, Zarephath prides itself on the Zarephath Health Center. Residents take health seriously and enjoy access to local healthcare options, ensuring a healthy community.

Additionally, Zarephath offers clean air and a low risk for common health concerns such as asthma and colds, making it an appealing location for health-conscious individuals.

Popular Landmarks: From Spiritual Sanctuaries to Nature’s Splendor

Zarephath is home to noteworthy landmarks that include the new campus of Pillar of Fire International.

Beyond the spiritual, natural beauty abounds. Located close to the Delaware and Raritan Canal and the Millstone River, residents and visitors can enjoy the picturesque outdoors.

For those interested in venturing out, the nearby Farrington Lake and Duke Farms offer a getaway to natural splendor.

Further, an assortment of restaurants and bars in the vicinity adds to Zarephath’s charm, offering an array of culinary experiences to both locals and visitors.

A Place of Community and Resilience

Zarephath, NJ, despite its size, boasts a strong sense of community, resilience, and a rich history tied deeply to its religious roots.

Whether you’re walking the quiet streets, visiting the local landmarks, or engaging with the community, Zarephath, NJ offers a unique and endearing experience.

It’s a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to endure, rebuild, and flourish, much like its biblical namesake.