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Perth Amboy, NJ

Perth Amboy, New Jersey, stands as a testament to America’s rich history and diverse culture. From its origins in the 17th century to its role in the American Revolution, this city has evolved significantly while retaining its unique charm. As we explore Perth Amboy, we’ll delve into its history, demographics, transport facilities, education system, healthcare services, and its enthralling tourist spots.

Perth Amboy, NJ: A Stroll Through Time

Located in Middlesex County, United States, the city of Perth Amboy, NJ covers a little over 5.96 square miles. It shares its borders with Arthur Kill, South Amboy, and several major highways.

This historic city, home to the significant Amboy Avenue and Emmett Ave, presents a window into America’s past and an interesting journey from a small township to the thriving city it is today.

In the late 17th century, Perth Amboy, initially part of East Jersey, came into existence with the Scottish colonists’ arrival in 1683. The township was bestowed with the name “New Perth” in honor of James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth.

However, the native Lenape term “Ompoge” for the city was preferred by the locals. Over time, these two names intermingled, resulting in the unique name “Perth Amboy”.

In 1718, Perth Amboy was officially recognized by a Royal charter, and later, post-independence, its status was reaffirmed by the New Jersey Legislature in 1784. The Perth Amboy City Hall, an enduring symbol of the city’s historic roots, served as a pivotal center during these times.

During the American Revolution, Perth Amboy played a crucial role. British forces occupied it in 1776, with the city later reclaimed by American forces in 1777.

Among the notable figures associated with this era was George Washington. A statue commemorating him is a testament to his influence and marks the city’s contribution to the American Revolution.

Interestingly, Perth Amboy served as the capital of the Province of New Jersey from 1686 to 1776, witnessing the transformations of the East Jersey and West Jersey provinces into a unified New Jersey.

This period saw notable figures like William Franklin, the last Royal Governor of New Jersey, making significant contributions to the city’s history.

The city’s strategic location on Raritan Bay opened avenues to trading, transforming it into a significant port. Its status as a trading center further fueled the city’s growth in the following centuries, making it a hub for shipbuilding, ironworks, and textile mills.

Perth Amboy has gracefully aged over the centuries, building on its historic roots while continuously evolving. Today, it is a vibrant city, home to diverse cultures and industries, yet the historical essence of its past remains preserved in its architecture, its people, and its enduring legacy.

Let’s delve into some fascinating facts about Perth Amboy:

  • Perth Amboy was New Jersey’s first capital and first city.
  • It was the first town in the state to ratify the Bill of Rights.
  • Thomas Mundt Peterson, the first African American to vote under the 15th Amendment, cast his vote in Perth Amboy.
  • The city was the site of several key battles during the American Revolution.
  • In the 18th and 19th centuries, Perth Amboy was a bustling port.
  • Perth Amboy is home to numerous historical landmarks, including the Proprietary House, the Old Dutch Church, and the Perth Amboy City Hall.

Perth Amboy is a city that has played a pivotal role in shaping not only New Jersey but the United States as a whole. It continues to celebrate its rich history while embracing its modern, diverse community and evolving industries.

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Living in Perth Amboy, NJ: An Overview

Perth Amboy, NJ is a diverse city of about 51,589 residents as per the 2020 United States Census Bureau data. With a modest cost of living and a community that enjoys a rich cultural tapestry, it is a place where life blooms in myriad ways.

The American Community Survey reflects the economic resilience of the city, with a median household income that grew from $52,563 in 2019 to $54,188 in 2020, despite the small population decrease.

The ethnic diversity in Perth Amboy is one of its most distinctive features, contributing to its vibrant atmosphere and the cultural wealth of the city.

The five largest ethnic groups, according to census data, are as follows:

Ethnic GroupPercentage of Population
White (Hispanic)55.4%
White (Non-Hispanic)14.8%
Other (Hispanic)13.2%
Two+ (Hispanic)7.06%
Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)5.84%

Regarding homeownership, the 2020 data reveals that the median property value in Perth Amboy, NJ was $270,500, and the homeownership rate was 30.5%. This indicates a stable real estate market and a community that values long-term investment and the comforts of home.

Public Transportation in Perth Amboy, NJ: Connecting People and Places

Perth Amboy, located in Middlesex County, New Jersey, United States, enjoys the benefits of comprehensive public transportation options. With trains, buses, and ferry services, navigating Perth Amboy and connecting with the larger tri-state area is a breeze.

Train Connectivity

Perth Amboy Station, served by NJ Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line, is the city’s primary train station. Conveniently positioned in downtown Perth Amboy, it provides easy access to major locations such as New York City and Newark, not to mention various other New Jersey locales.

Bus Routes

NJ Transit’s commitment to Perth Amboy extends to its extensive bus service. Key bus routes operate in and out of the city, including:

  • Route 113: Perth Amboy to New Brunswick
  • Route 115: Perth Amboy to Woodbridge
  • Route 116: Perth Amboy to South Amboy
  • Route 117: Perth Amboy to Metuchen
  • Route 48: Perth Amboy to Elizabeth

Each route offers a robust schedule, ensuring residents can reach their destinations in a timely manner.

Ferry Service

For those preferring a water route, the NY Waterway ferry service provides a refreshing alternative. The ferry terminal in downtown Perth Amboy facilitates regular services to Midtown Manhattan and Wall Street, making it an attractive option for commuters and tourists alike.

Beyond these public transportation services, Perth Amboy is also served by several private transportation companies. These provide additional options such as taxis, limousines, and shuttles.

Perth Amboy, NJ: A Quick Peek at the School District

In Perth Amboy, the education system comprises 11 schools under the Perth Amboy School District. For elementary learners, the options are Clifford J. Scott, Columbus, Franklin, Jamesburg, McKinley, and Roosevelt Elementary Schools.

Middle schoolers can head to Perth Amboy Middle School North or South, while high school students can choose between Perth Amboy High School North and South.

Specialized magnet schools in the district include the Academy for Allied Health & Medical Professions, the Academy for the Arts, the Academy for International Studies, the Academy of Technology, and the Middlesex County STEM Charter School.

Serving a diverse body of about 11,000 students, the district is actively addressing challenges such as high poverty and dropout rates through initiatives like teacher training, smaller class sizes, and higher academic standards.

Healthcare in Perth Amboy: Quick Glance

In Perth Amboy, NJ, residents have access to quality healthcare facilities.

Key among them is Raritan Bay Medical Center, a part of the wider Hackensack Meridian Healthcare network. It operates acute care hospitals in Raritan Valley, with additional campuses in Old Bridge and Perth Amboy itself.

This underscores Perth Amboy’s commitment to providing essential healthcare services to its residents.

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Perth Amboy’s Tourist Highlights

Perth Amboy, New Jersey, carries a rich historical legacy that attracts tourists from all over. Here are some of its major attractions:

  • The Proprietary House: A museum encapsulating Perth Amboy’s history, it was originally built in 1764 as the home to William Franklin.
  • The Old Dutch Church: Perth Amboy’s oldest church, established in 1694, is still an active venue for weddings and events.
  • Perth Amboy City Hall: Noted as the oldest continuously used city hall in the U.S. since 1714, it’s a designated National Historic Landmark.
  • Raritan Bay Waterfront Park: Ideal for fishing, picnicking, or just taking a scenic walk, the park provides spectacular views of the Raritan Bay.
  • William Warren Park: Located in the city center, the park offers a playground, tennis courts, and a basketball court, making it popular among families and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Cheesequake State Park: Situated just outside Perth Amboy, the park allows a range of outdoor activities and is also home to historical sites like Cheesequake Creek Lighthouse.
  • Conference House: Built in 1690, this site hosted several peace negotiations during the American Revolution and now serves as a museum.

This is a mere snippet of Perth Amboy’s tourist offerings, providing a glimpse of its cultural richness.


As a living repository of American history and a vibrant cultural hub, Perth Amboy shapes not just New Jersey but the United States.

With robust transportation, a focus on education, comprehensive healthcare, and a host of tourist attractions, the city offers a blend of past, present, and future. Its vibrant history, culture, and community invite all to experience and appreciate its charm.