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North Plainfield, NJ

Explore the richness of history, diversity, and growth in one charming New Jersey borough. This glimpse into North Plainfield reveals its robust economy, vibrant demographics, and distinct landmarks. Experience a place where past and present seamlessly merge, crafting a unique narrative in every corner.


Tucked away in Somerset County is the quaint borough of North Plainfield, New Jersey.

Officially incorporated as a borough on June 9, 1885, North Plainfield’s history is traced back to the 1700s when Dutch farmers settled in the region. These early settlers transformed the landscape from a raw, uncharted territory into thriving farmland.

The arrival of the trolley line in the late 1800s catapulted North Plainfield into a center for manufacturing, further enhancing its economic appeal and drawing immigrants from Italy, Poland, and Puerto Rico.

These industrious immigrants contributed to the borough’s rich diversity and cultural vibrancy.

Fast forward to today, North Plainfield is a buzzing hub with a population of 21,445 residents. It is still home to numerous manufacturing plants, continuing its legacy as a manufacturing powerhouse in the region.

Additionally, the borough has evolved into an enticing tapestry of history and modernity, evident in its well-preserved Victorian houses in the Washington Park Historic District.

The Essence of Community: Demographics and Economy

As per the 2020 data, North Plainfield boasts a multicultural community with the five largest ethnic groups being:

Racial Makeup

Ethnic GroupPercentage
White (Hispanic)24.9%
White (Non-Hispanic)24.2%
Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)21.2%
Other (Hispanic)16.8%
Two+ (Hispanic)5.55%

This vibrant blend of cultures adds a unique charm to the borough’s identity.

From an economic perspective, the median household income in North Plainfield saw a significant jump from $69,566 in 2019 to $77,160 in 2020, indicating a growing economy.

Real Estate

The median property value stands at $276,400 with a homeownership rate of 56.6%, implying a robust real estate market.

The Garden State Multiple Listing Service often provides real estate listings, allowing prospective homeowners and listing brokers to choose from a range of properties.


North Plainfield, a part of Somerset County, presents residents with diverse and efficient transportation options, contributing to the overall quality of life in the borough. From the convenience of personal vehicles to the reliability of public transit, this town truly delivers on the mobility front.

Most residents in North Plainfield choose to drive, with an average commute time of 33 minutes and approximately 2 cars per household. This preference highlights the importance of well-maintained roads and easy accessibility to key areas in the borough.

Notably, the U.S. Route 22, a major highway, runs directly through North Plainfield, making it simple for residents to navigate the region or venture beyond Somerset County.

In addition to the convenience of driving, North Plainfield’s public transit system is an excellent alternative. NJ TRANSIT operates an extensive network across the borough, efficiently connecting residential areas, local businesses, and educational institutions, including North Plainfield High School.

The Raritan Valley commuter rail line at the nearby Plainfield Station offers connections to other regions, easing daily commutes and offering more opportunities for exploration.

Community Access Transit, along with other local bus services, ensures that public transit remains a viable choice for residents.

Regular schedules and comprehensive routes make it easier for students to reach schools like Somerset Elementary or for adults to visit branch offices or commercial centers.

Overall, transportation in North Plainfield is a testament to the borough’s commitment to convenience, accessibility, and efficiency, ensuring residents can navigate their community with ease.


The educational sector in North Plainfield, located in Somerset County, has always focused on delivering a comprehensive and inclusive learning experience for its students.

The North Plainfield School District, comprising several elementary schools and the renowned North Plainfield High School, serves the community with a dedicated commitment to shaping young minds.

North Plainfield High School, located on Wilson Avenue, is known for its diverse curriculum and robust student performance. The 11th and 12th-grade students, in particular, have displayed outstanding performance in multiple disciplines over the years.

In addition to the K-12 schools within the borough, North Plainfield residents also have access to higher education institutions such as Raritan Valley Community College.

This accessibility further enriches the educational atmosphere in the community, with options ranging from vocational programs to degree courses.

Overall, education forms an integral part of North Plainfield’s identity, with its school district continually striving to maintain the highest standards of learning.

Whether it’s on Grove St, Summit Ave, Sandford Ave, or North Jackson Ave, students in North Plainfield are provided with an enriching and fulfilling educational experience.

This focus on education is a testament to North Plainfield’s investment in its future – its students.


The health sector in North Plainfield is adeptly serviced by several healthcare facilities. A shining example is Neighborhood Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center, that extends a range of services from primary care to vision, regardless of patients’ ability to pay.

Several medical group practices are also situated near North Plainfield, NJ, including prominent hospitals such as Overlook Medical Center, Hackensack Meridian Health, and Robert Wood Johnson.

Furthermore, the VA New Jersey Health Care System ensures our valued veterans also receive excellent healthcare services.

Landmark and Attractions

Each of these attractions contributes to the rich tapestry of experiences available in and around North Plainfield, combining history, culture, and outdoor recreation to offer something for every interest.

  • Cornelius Low House/Middlesex County Museum: This is a historic house built in 1741 for Cornelius Low, a wealthy merchant of Raritan Landing. Today, it serves as the Middlesex County Museum, devoted to the history and culture of Middlesex County, and often features special exhibits.
  • Feltville Historic District: Also known as Deserted Village, Feltville Historic District is a significant historic site in the Watchung Reservation. Originally a mill town and later a summer resort, today, it is preserved as a ghost town. Several original buildings still stand, offering a unique peek into 19th-century life. It’s an intriguing site for history buffs and those interested in exploring the architectural remnants of a bygone era.
  • The Proprietary House: This historic site located in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, is a grand Georgian mansion, the only remaining proprietary governor’s mansion of the original Thirteen Colonies. It once served as the residence of New Jersey’s last appointed royal governor, William Franklin, who was the illegitimate son of Benjamin Franklin. It offers guided tours, which provide deep insights into its historical and architectural significance.
  • Green Brook Park: Covering 126 acres, Green Brook Park is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts and families to spend the day.
  • 6 Mile Run State Park: A hidden gem in Franklin Township, 6 Mile Run offers some of the best trail experiences in the area. It’s a popular destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.