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Hazlet, NJ

Situated in Monmouth County along the Raritan Bay in central New Jersey, Hazlet Township enjoys a humid subtropical climate with warm summers and cold winters. The township has miles of coastline and coastal marshlands that attract migratory birds and wildlife.

Residents cherish the bay views, which provide spectacular sunrises over the water, as well as recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, and proximity to state beaches.

Despite its suburban environment, Hazlet Township retains remnants of its rural past with historic homes, churches, and agricultural infrastructure still present throughout the town.


The population of the township of Hazlet remains relatively stable. The latest estimate from the United States Census Bureau suggests Hazlet Township’s population has grown to around 20,614 inhabitants as of July 1, 2022. This represents a negligible decrease of 2.44% from the 2020 Census population estimate of 20,123.

Racial Makeup

The township’s population features a mix of racial and ethnic backgrounds. As the table below demonstrates, no single racial group comprises an absolute majority. 

Race Percentage
White alone87.0%
Black or African American alone1.9%
Asian alone2.5%
Two or More Races5.6%
Hispanic or Latino11.1%


Age: Many residents are middle-aged, with the median age being around 44.

Household: Most homes have between two and three occupants, averaging roughly 2.74 people per household.

Gender: Slightly more women than men call Hazlet Township home, with females comprising around 51.85% of the population and males 48.15%.

Citizenship: An enormous majority, roughly 89.52%, of township residents were born in the United States.

Income: Household incomes in the township are generally comfortable. The average household income is approximately $112,000 while the median sits at about $101,000. Per capita, income for the past 12 months was approximately $46,136 after adjusting for inflation.

Education: An immense proportion, about 93.4%, of Hazlet Township’s adult population obtained at least a high school diploma, with around 38.3% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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Hazlet Township traces its origins back over a century and a half to an era of immense change in American history. What began in 1848 as Raritan Township – incorporated from portions of neighboring Middletown Township – was renamed Hazlet Township in 1967 in honor of pioneering physician and prominent landowner Dr. John Hazlett.

For much of the early colonial and post-colonial periods, the area now encompassed by Hazlet Township consisted predominantly of farmland and rural countryside. Beginning in the mid-20th century, the township underwent a substantial change as it experienced quick population increases caused by suburban spread and commercial development – tendencies that reworked the societal, economic, and physical characteristics of the area.

During World War II, the Naval Ammunition Depot Earle situated within Hazlet Township played an instrumental role in supporting the Allied war effort. The township also boasts a rich cultural heritage as evidenced by various historically significant sites – most notably the childhood home of renowned author Stephen Crane – that offer a window into Hazlet’s bygone era.

Hazlet Township’s 150th-anniversary journal provides a treasure trove of information chronicling the township’s formative years, recounting the stories of pioneering settlers, documenting milestones through the prism of lived experience, and spotlighting notable landmarks that have shaped Hazlet’s identity.

Taken as a whole, these diverse yet interconnected threads that weave through Hazlet Township’s past – from its bucolic beginnings to its evolution into a bustling suburb – collectively shaped the community that exists today, endowing it with a vibrant history with lessons that continue to resonate.

Quality of Life

Residents of Hazlet Township certainly enjoy a good quality of life. The township works hard to maintain a pleasant environment through ordinances regarding noise, litter, and property upkeep.

The location along the bay and proximity to New York City offer opportunities many residents appreciate. Criminal activity happens infrequently, creating a secure environment for residents.

Residents have access to medical services through places like Bayshore Medical Center, and the township features numerous parks and outdoor recreation spaces. Folks often cite Veterans Memorial Park, Beers Street Playground, or the Cullen Center as their favorite community hotspots.

The Hazlet Township Public Schools District provides educational opportunities for the community’s youth from preschool through high school. The district as a whole is considered above average, serving students across multiple elementary, middle, and high schools.

The township implements programs aimed at educating individuals – particularly young people – on the effects of littering as well as the significance of proper trash disposal and recycling. This is to foster environmental stewardship in young residents to form positive habits that will endure for years to come.


Residents of Hazlet Township enjoy easy access to the Jersey Shore and New York City thanks to an array of transportation options. The NJ Transit stop on the North Jersey Coast Line provides frequent service to destinations up and down the coast. Trains run about every half hour during peak times, taking around an hour and 15 minutes to reach New York Penn Station. Commuters rely on trains to get to work or run errands in the city. NJ Transit keeps passengers informed through its website where riders can check schedules, fares, and service alerts in real-time.

In addition to public transit, Hazlet residents can call taxis and town cars from local firms like Monmouth iRide and All Occasion Limousine. The town cars are a common sight around town, ferrying people to doctors’ appointments, Newark Airport, and nearby dining. Smartphone apps like Uber and Lyft give people yet another mode of transport within the township.

The Hazlet NJ Transit station itself caters well to passengers. There are ample parking spots for commuters, including handicapped spaces. The lots fill up quickly in the mornings as commuters arrive for the first train departing around 6 AM. Inside the station, a waiting room provides refreshments from vending machines, WiFi access, and customer service reps ready to help new and seasoned riders alike.

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Points of Interest

Hazlet Township offers various attractions for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Ranging from entertainment and recreation to picturesque nature, the following places provide a sampling of the options available:

  1. Keyport FunHouse Boutique & Studio offers paint and pottery classes for all ages.
  2. McDonagh’s Restaurant & Pub serves a variety of food and drinks.
  3. Union Plaza Liquors stocks a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits.
  4. Green Meadows Farm offers hayrides, pumpkin picking, and animal feeding for visitors of all ages.
  5. The F-Series provides an exciting indoor go-karting experience.
  6. Keyport Waterfront Park features views of the Raritan Bay and New York City skyline.
  7. Deep Cut Gardens showcases a range of plants, flowers, and trees and offers guided tours and programs.
  8. Painting with a Twist offers painting classes for artists of all skill levels.
  9. The James J. Cullen Community Center provides basketball courts, volleyball courts, and fitness classes.
  10. The Hazlet Swim & Tennis Club features swimming and tennis facilities for members.

Final Thoughts

Hazlet Township offers many amenities that enhance residents’ quality of life, from recreational opportunities to excellent schools and reliable services. Officials work hard to meet the needs of Hazlet’s growing population through upgrades to parks, community centers, and after-school programs. While no municipality is perfect, Hazlet continuously strives to provide infrastructure and facilities that make it an appealing place to live.

With careful planning and stewardship, Hazlet Township has tremendous potential to improve even further. Future priorities could include expanded senior and youth services, more sidewalks and trails, and sustainability initiatives. By constantly searching for ways to enhance residents’ lives and build on past successes, Hazlet’s best days can still lie ahead. With diligence and a spirit of community, the township can grow while retaining the qualities that make it special.