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Hampton Township in Sussex County: Geography & Attractions

Hampton Township in Sussex County, New Jersey is a beautiful community that has something to offer everyone.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation or entertainment options, shopping and dining opportunities, or simply want to learn more about the geography and demographics of this unique area – Hampton Township is the perfect place to explore!

Come discover all there is to see in Hampton Township as we take an insightful look at its geography, demographics, attractions, shopping & dining experiences and recreational activities.


Hampton Township is located in Sussex County, New Jersey. It is bordered by Wantage Township, Frankford Township, and Fredon Township to the south. The township covers an area of approximately 25 square miles and has a population of around 4,500 people.

The town itself lies within Kittatinny Valley State Park and High Point State Park which are both great places for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and camping.

Hampton also offers many opportunities for shopping with stores like Walmart Supercenter, ShopRite Supermarket and Target located nearby.

For entertainment there’s Skylands Stadium where you can catch minor league baseball games or head over to Crystal Springs Resort for golfing or spa treatments at Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center.

The township also hosts several annual events including:

  • Their Summer Concert Series held every Thursday night throughout July and August in Memorial Park,
  • Applefest featuring live music performances,
  • An Easter Egg Hunt,
  • Halloween Parade,
  • Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony,
  • Winter Festival complete with ice skating rink on Main Street

Finally, if you’re looking for something educational, then check out Space Farms Zoo & Museum. It houses over 500 animals from all over the world, along with artifacts from World War I and II era military vehicles on display inside its museum galleries.


The town’s residents are well-educated with nearly 80% having at least some college education or higher.

Many families in Hampton Township are dual-income households with both parents working full time jobs.

There are also many retirees who have chosen to make this their permanent residence due to its close proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and New York City.

There is an abundance of recreational activities for all ages in Hampton Township such as hiking trails, biking paths, golf courses, parks and playgrounds.

Shopping centers offer everything from groceries to clothing stores while restaurants provide a variety of cuisines from Italian to Mexican food options. Additionally there are several cultural attractions such as museums and art galleries that can be found throughout the area for those looking for something more educational or artistic in nature.

Hampton Township offers its residents an excellent quality of life, with safe neighborhoods, great schools and numerous amenities that appeal to all ages and backgrounds. This charming community is a popular choice for many people looking for a place to call home, due to the variety of activities available here.

The demographics of Hampton Township in Sussex County are diverse and include a range of ages, incomes, and ethnicities. From this rich mix comes an array of attractions to explore and enjoy.


The area offers a variety of attractions for visitors and residents alike.

High Point State Park is one of the most popular destinations in the region. This park features hiking trails, camping sites, picnic areas, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. It’s also home to Culver Lake Wildlife Management Area which provides a great opportunity for bird watching or fishing.

Stokes State Forest is another popular attraction with its miles of trails perfect for biking or horseback riding as well as plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

Finally Kittatinny Valley State Park has numerous activities such as canoeing on the lake or taking a leisurely stroll along one of its many nature trails. With so much to do there’s something for everyone near Ethos Spa!

From outdoor recreation and family-friendly attractions to local historical sites, Hampton Township has plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Now let’s explore the shopping and dining options in this vibrant community!

Shopping & Dining

Hampton Township offers a wide range of shopping and dining options to suit any taste.

From antique stores to specialty shops, boutiques, and more, there is something for everyone in the area. Whether you’re looking for unique gifts or everyday items, Hampton Township has it all. For those seeking a bit of nostalgia, several vintage stores offer classic finds from yesteryear.

When it comes to dining out in Hampton Township, there are plenty of choices as well. Italian restaurants serve up delicious pasta dishes while Mexican eateries provide authentic tacos and burritos.

Chinese food lovers can enjoy their favorite cuisine at one of the many Chinese restaurants in town. There are also several steakhouses offering prime cuts of beef cooked just the way you like them. And if you’re looking for something lighter or healthier than traditional fare, there are plenty of vegetarian-friendly options available too!

No matter what type of cuisine you are craving, whether it be Italian, Mexican, Chinese or anything else, Hampton Township has something that will satisfy your appetite.

From unique boutiques to fine dining, Hampton Township in Sussex County offers a wide variety of shopping and dining options for all tastes. Now let’s explore the recreational and entertainment opportunities available in this charming town!

Recreation & Entertainment

Residents of Hampton Township, New Jersey have a variety of recreational activities to choose from.

Golfers can enjoy a round at High Point Golf Course, while anglers can cast their lines in Culver Lake Wildlife Management Area or Kittatinny Valley State Park. For those looking for entertainment venues, there are several movie theaters and bowling alleys in the area.

Moviegoers will find plenty of options when it comes to catching the latest blockbuster film. The AMC Loews Wayne 14 is one popular theater that offers stadium seating and digital projection with 3D capabilities.

Meanwhile, the AMC Dine-In Rockaway 16 provides an upscale experience with plush recliners and full-service dining options right inside the theater itself.

For something more low key, residents may want to visit Skylands Ice World where they can lace up their skates for public skating sessions throughout the week or sign up for hockey leagues or figure skating classes offered by the rink’s professional instructors.

Hampton Township offers a variety of recreational activities, from outdoor pursuits such as golfing and fishing to indoor entertainment like movies or bowling, all the way to classic ice skating.


With its beautiful geography, diverse demographics, and numerous attractions, shopping & dining options, and recreational activities, there’s something for everyone here.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or an exciting adventure, Hampton Township has it all! So if you’re looking for the perfect destination in Sussex County, look no further than Hampton Township.