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Bridgewater Township is a quaint suburban community located in Somerset County, New Jersey. Established in 1749, the township has a rich history that dates back to colonial times.

Today, it is home to a population of over 44,000 residents, making it the fourth-largest municipality in the county.

Bridgewater Township comprises different neighborhoods, each with its unique characteristics and charm. The township is a regional commercial hub, with several notable corporations located within its borders, including Sanofi, MetLife, and Johnson & Johnson.

It is also considered a bedroom community, with many of its residents commuting to New York City and other neighboring towns for work.


Bridgewater Township, located in Somerset County, New Jersey, has a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War.

It played a significant role in American history as it served as the site of the Middlebrook encampment, where General George Washington and the Continental Army camped from 1778 to 1779. It was here where the first official flag of the United States was unfurled, and where important military strategies were planned and executed.

Bridgewater Township began as a small farming community, but over time, it underwent significant changes due to the rise of various industries. The township experienced a boom in the pharmaceutical industry, which brought many new jobs to the area and transformed it into a hub for medical research and development.

The telecommunications and financial industries also contributed to the area’s growth, making it an even more attractive location for businesses and residents looking for new opportunities.

These industries transformed Bridgewater Township from a farming community to a suburban area with a thriving economy and well-educated population. Today, Bridgewater Township remains a vibrant and dynamic community with a rich history and bright future.

Education Statistics

Bridgewater Township’s education system is highly acclaimed, with a plethora of award-winning schools and a strong focus on academic success. Here, we take a closer look at the township’s education statistics and what they mean for the students and families that call Bridgewater Township home.

Bridgewater Township’s school district, the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District, comprises eight primary schools, three intermediate schools, and two high schools. With a total student population of over 8,500, the district is one of the largest in New Jersey.

The district has consistently been recognized for its excellence in education, including multiple Blue Ribbon Awards for individual schools and an overall high ranking from the National Center for Education Statistics. In fact, the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District ranks in the top 10% of school districts in the state.

Bridgewater Township places a strong emphasis on education, and it shows in the numbers. The average class size in the township’s schools is 18 students, a highly desirable number in the education world.

The median family income in Bridgewater Township is $150,000, and 97% of residents have a high school diploma or higher. Education is taken seriously in Bridgewater Township, and it is evident that the dedication to academic excellence is paying off for students and families alike.

Enrollment Rates

Bridgewater Township is a bustling community located in Somerset County, New Jersey, with a population of over 44,000 residents. The township’s racial makeup is predominantly white with Asian and African American populations, respectively 29% and 5%.

The average household income in Bridgewater Township is $122,600, significantly higher than both the state and national averages. The population density of Bridgewater Township is 1,900 people per square mile, which is lower than other municipalities in the area.

When it comes to age structure, Bridgewater Township is home to a predominantly young population, with just under 30% of residents under 18. Furthermore, approximately 28% of households have children under the age of 18.

The average household size in Bridgewater Township is 2.7 persons per household, which is higher than the US national average. The educational attainment rate in Bridgewater is impressive, with over 80% of residents above the age of twenty-five having obtained a college degree.


Bridgewater Township is situated in the heart of Somerset County, New Jersey, and is home to more than 44,000 residents.

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2019, the average household in Bridgewater Township was home to 2.81 individuals. The township’s population was composed of 53.5% females and 46.5% males.

The age distribution of the population in Bridgewater Township is relatively diverse, with a median age of 42.5 years old. The most common age group is 35 to 54-year-olds, who make up 31.1% of the population.

The median family size in the township is 3.23 people. The racial makeup of the community is 62.8% white, 25.8% Asian, 4.0% Hispanic, 2.5% African American, and 4.9% other.

In terms of income distribution, the median household income in Bridgewater Township is $120,873, and the median family income is $145,759. The household median income is higher than the national average and gives insight into the high standard of living in Bridgewater Township.

Nonetheless, the poverty rate of the township stands at 3.2%, which is below the state level yet still indicates some residents face financial struggles. To sum up, Bridgewater Township is an ethnically diverse community with a relatively high median income.

Health Care

Bridgewater Township has reliable healthcare services that cater to the residents’ needs. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset is the primary medical center for the township.

The hospital has been servicing the community for over a century now and is setting the standard for high-quality healthcare. It provides a full range of medical services, including emergency care, diagnostic imaging, cancer care, and surgical procedures.

The hospital’s emergency department is equipped with the latest facilities and technologies to handle any emergency that may arise. With highly trained and experienced physicians and medical staff, residents can be sure that they are receiving top-notch treatment.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset is affiliated with the medical center originally founded as Somerset Hospital in 1901.

The partnership has brought together two exceptional healthcare organizations, resulting in a broader range of medical services available to the township’s residents. The joint venture has allowed the hospital to expand and grow, providing state-of-the-art medical treatment options and facilities.

Consequently, the partnership has enabled the hospital to become the leading medical institution in the region.

In the event of an emergency, residents of Bridgewater Township can rely on the five volunteer BLS rescue squads stationed throughout the area. The squads are made up of highly skilled professionals who provide EMS coverage as well as vehicle extrication, water rescue, and other rescue services.

The volunteer BLS rescue squads ensure that every resident of the township has access to emergency medical services should the need arise.

The RWJ-Somerset also provides daytime Basic Life Support (BLS) coverage for a section of the township. The BLS service includes the provision of emergency medical services, including basic diagnostic and treatment measures.

This service is essential in providing timely medical care to residents during normal business hours and enhances the community’s overall health and wellness.


Bridgewater Township presents an excellent network of transportation options for both residents and visitors. The township is strategically located with an easy connection to major highways, county roads, public transportation, and airports.

The major highways that pass through Bridgewater township include the I-78 and I-287, which provide easy access to neighboring townships and beyond. The township is also served by county roads such as CR-202, CR-206, and CR-525, which help to link commuter traffic and local businesses.

Residents and visitors have access to several types of public transportation systems, including NJ TRANSIT Bus and rail services. The NJ TRANSIT rail line runs along the Raritan Valley Line from High Bridge to Newark Penn Station, providing easy commuting throughout the state. Additionally, bus services are available, servicing neighboring towns and cities, including New York City.

For those looking to get to Bridgewater Township by Air, the township is within easy reach of a few nearby airports. The closest is the Somerset Airport, which offers charter flight services and flight training.

The Morristown Municipal Airport is nearby, providing scheduled commercial passenger service to several destinations, including Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Moreover, the Newark Liberty International Airport is also an option, located around 25 miles away, and also provides both domestic and international scheduled passenger service.

Points of Interest

Bridgewater is a historic township in Somerset County, New Jersey, with numerous well-preserved sites from the American Revolutionary War. Among the most notable are the Van Horne House and the Van Veghten House.

The Van Veghten House was an important staging area for American forces in the winter of 1778-79, while the Van Horne House served as George Washington’s headquarters during the Battle of Middlebrook in 1777. Both buildings remain standing and are open to the public for tours and events.

Bridgewater is also home to a diverse array of places of worship, reflecting the township’s commitment to religious freedom and diversity. There are churches for several different Christian denominations, including Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist.

The Solel Conservative Jewish Synagogue, formed in 1966, is an active and welcoming community that values interfaith dialogue and social justice. The Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, inaugurated in 1998, is a stunning Hindu temple that offers traditional services and cultural events throughout the year.

And the Bridgewater Gurudwara, established in 2015, is a vibrant center of Sikh worship and service to the community.

  • The Van Horne House and Van Veghten House, two important American Revolutionary War sites.
  • Various churches for different Christian denominations.
  • The Solel Conservative Jewish Synagogue, formed in 1966.
  • The Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, a Hindu temple inaugurated in 1998.
  • The Bridgewater Gurudwara, a Sikh center of worship and community service established in 2015.

The township is made up of several areas that provide residents with a blend of suburban living and easy access to urban amenities. These include Martinsville, Bradley Gardens, Green Knoll, and Finderne, among others.
Each area offers its own distinct features, including a mix of housing options, parks, shopping centers, and restaurants.
Overall, Bridgewater Township is an ideal place to live, work, and raise a family, with a vibrant community that offers something for everyone.