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hydrafacial treatment

10 Interesting Facts About Hydrafacial

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Hydrafacial treatments have become all the rage among skin-care aficionados and beauty gurus. But what makes this treatment so sought after? 

This in-office procedure addresses drying and aging skin, and guarantees results with zero downtime needed. This article will introduce what Hydrafacial is, and offer ten interesting facts about one of the most effective skin treatments available today. 

What Is Hydrafacial? 

A Hydrafacial is a medical-grade, hydra-dermabrasion procedure that clears out your pores and hydrates your skin with a combination of serums. With the patented machine manufactured by EDGE Systems, these facials are designed to rejuvenate the skin by extracting its impurities, cleansing the face, and hydrating it to give it a plump and youthful glow. 

The Benefits of a Hydrafacial 

Aside from coaxing the skin into a dewy complexion, other benefits of the treatment include:

  • Soothing and nourishing without side-effects such as irritation, scarring, or rashes – which occasionally occurs with other procedures
  • Reducing the size of pores and wrinkles
  • Repairing sun damage and facial discoloration
  • Stimulating the production of collagen in the skin 

The Cost of Hydrafacials

The average estimated cost of one session ranges from $150 – $200. The price largely depends on the specific practice and its location, and patients may opt to pay for additional serums and boosters. 

How Frequently You Should Get a Hydrafacial 

While one treatment can extract and hydrate enough to improve skin health, the effects of the Hydrafacial lasts only for a full week and diminishes after. Most experts recommend at least one session per month for an optimum effect on brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, oily skin, and acne.

Patients Who Should Avoid Hydrafacials

This treatment is not recommended for patients who have an active rash, sunburn, or rosacea. Pregnant women should also avoid this treatment, since some of the serum infusions such as salicylic acid have yet to be tested and proven safe for pregnancy. 

Ten Must-Know Facts About Hydrafacials 

#1: Hydrafacial combines multiple treatments in 30-60 minutes. 

Hydrafacials are sought after because it can quickly improve the texture and tone of the face in just 30 minutes. In some cases, one facial session may reach 45-60 minutes if a patient chooses to include additional steps to further boost the effects of the facials. 

Utilizing a pen-like device called the HydraPeel Tip, an esthetician can combine the processes of exfoliating, cleansing, extracting, and hydrating in one session. An average procedure may follow these steps:

  • Exfoliate: It’s important to first exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells and excess sebum. The HydraPeel Tip takes care of this, while simultaneously delivering a revitalizing serum to hydrate and protect your skin. 
  • Cleanse: Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or a combination of both are applied to the skin in order to decongest the impurities clogging up the pores. 
  • Extract: With the HydraPeel Tip’s vortex-extraction nozzle, your esthetician will gently suction out the blackheads, whiteheads, and dirt from your pores. This will give you smaller pores and tighter, clearer skin. 
  • Hydrate: The final step includes infusing the skin with nourishing serums that mix protective antioxidants, collagen-supporting peptides, and hydrating hyaluronic acid – which will impart plumpness and glow to the skin. 

#2: Hydrafacial is designed for various complexions and skin types. 

A Hydrafacial treatment addresses the concerns of patients with various skin types, even those with a sensitive skin texture. Teenagers with acne, adults with wrinkles, and older patients with hyperpigmentation, pimples, flaky pre-cancerous spots will greatly benefit from this facial. 

#3: Hydrafacial utilizes an innovative “vortex” technology. 

The aforementioned HydraPeel Tip pen flaunts “vortex” technology. The HydraPeel Tip pen has four spiralized treatment tips which are equipped to simultaneously dislodge and vacuum impurities while dispersing skin care actives. Features of this patented device include: 

  • Delivery of varying degrees of pressure 
  • Application of “Vortex Fusion”, which combines antioxidant-rich algae, glucosamine HCI, and exfoliating lactic acid
  • Control over dispersion levels of exfoliating acids

#4: Hydrafacial results are consistent across the board.

The high-tech skin care process delivers consistent results, since its effects do not necessarily rely on the abilities of your technician. Unlike traditional facials with varying outcomes such as skin inflammation or scarring, the Hydrafacial treatment is consistently safe and effective, no matter who applies it. 

#5: Hydrafacial extraction treatments have no side-effects. 

Hydrafacial is a popular procedure, not only because of its consistent results, but also because it is comfortable, painless, and free of the side-effects that plague ordinary facials. Patients often describe the treatment as a light massage, as no pressing or squeezing is done.

This treatment also does not cause residual peeling or irritation. Skin conditions like acne are also addressed by this gentle procedure, and no downtime or restrictions are prescribed after the treatment. 

#6: Hydrafacial can be customized according to your needs. 

Aside from being independent of a technician’s skills, a Hydrafacial treatment’s results are so effective because you can customize your treatment to what your skin needs. 

The ratio and type of serums applied are measured according to what the patient needs, and the time duration for each sub-process can be adjusted for the patient. The acid peels applied for exfoliation will also depend on the patient’s previous experience with peels, the skin type, and the desired outcome. The HydraPeel Tip’s suction power can similarly be customized to tackle more delicate areas. 

Every person interested in having this kind of facial done must first consult with a skin specialist so you can understand your skin health concerns, prescribe the right boosters, and balance out the sub-processes for the best possible outcome. Some boosters and add-on treatments a specialist may recommend to enhance results are: 

  • Mechanical lymphatic drainage – removes lymph fluids from your face, reduces puffiness, and flushes toxins out of your system quickly 
  • Anti-aging peptide complex serum – enhances skin elasticity and smooths out the appearance of wrinkles
  • Regen GF booster – boosts collagen and elastin production, removes toxins and irritants, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines 
  • Brightalive booster – reduces brown spots, evens out skin tone, and prevents formation of new pigmentation
  • Total eye booster – reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes 
  • Red LED treatment – stimulates cell turnover and soothes skin 
  • Blue LED treatment – treats acne and kills bacteria

#7: Hydrafacial is complementary to other treatments. 

While boosters and LED treatments are commonly requested after a session, patients may also opt to have injectables and non-ablative light and laser treatments done safely on the same day. Some examples include the V-beam which reduces redness, and intense pulsed light, which treats sun damage. 

#8: Hydrafacial lasts longer than other facials.

Hydrafacial not only leaves your skin clear and glowing, but it also lasts longer than other facials. It’s a treatment designed to improve your appearance over time, but it is not a quick fix, so it’s advisable to have the treatment done every four to six weeks for continuous improvement. 

It’s also best to consult with your doctor if you are planning to get it done alongside other non-invasive treatments like microblading and Botox, since these would require downtime and may have negative side effects when combined with the facial. 

#9: Hydrafacial results show immediately.

Ordinary facials can lead to red, inflamed skin with an hour of burning and soreness in between. However, the results for this treatment show immediately and make your skin look clearer, brighter, and softer. The procedure is patronized by celebrities before big events and public appearances because of its radiant effect on the skin. 

#10: Hydrafacials are performed every 15 seconds worldwide. 

According to the company behind this new treatment, it is estimated that a patient is being treated with a Hydrafacial every 15 seconds. This amounts to approximately 2 million treatments done in 80 different countries. 

The Hydrafacial Company also decided to go on “tour” with their Treatment Truck, a moving spa that offers free sessions at various cities across the country, including New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and more. 

After their coast-to-coast New York to Los Angeles stint, they are also looking to expand their tour around the world, visiting countries such as Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and the U.A.E. 

Join the Global Hydrafacial Wave 

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