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How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

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Lip filler treatment is one of the most popular aesthetic solutions today – it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles on the lips and adds plumpness. The lips are one of the focal points of the face, so getting a fuller lip from dermal filler injections can give you a younger-looking and more vibrant appearance. Many patients rely on this option because it involves minimal downtime and risks compared to plastic surgery, although it can only last for a given time.

So how long do lip fillers last? Lip fillers can last from 6 months up to 18 months, depending on the brand and type of dermal fillers you’ve chosen. Your metabolism can also be a factor in the duration of your lip filler effects, as patients with higher metabolism tend to get shorter results. The lip filler brands that are known to last the longest are JUVÉDERM Vollure XC and Resilient Hyaluronic Acid fillers.

Do Lip Fillers Last Forever?

Lip filler treatment is a reliable cosmetic procedure for enhancing your lip shape and removing fine lines and wrinkles without plastic surgery. It doesn’t involve reconstructing or altering your tissues, so its results are temporary.

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances made of synthetic material or animal derivatives. It’s injected at targeted areas of the face to add volume to the skin, augmenting the face and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Most dermal fillers also boost collagen production to make your skin more supple and vibrant. 

The body breaks down and absorbs injectable filler substances over time. Because of this, lip augmentation and other procedures with dermal fillers don’t offer permanent results. The results of your dermal filler treatment may last from 6 months to 5 years, depending on the type and brand. Ensure getting regular maintenance injections if you want your injectable filler results to last more than their intended duration.

How Long Are Lip Fillers Good For?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common and recommended material to use as lip fillers. Aside from adding lip volume, they also boost collagen production, adding elasticity and vibrance to the treated area. But like all injectable fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers aren’t permanent – the duration of the results varies according to the brand and formulation of the material.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler BrandHow Long Lip Filler LastDescriptionFDA-ApprovalAverage Cost
JUVÉDERM Ultra XC6 to 12 monthsAdds plumpness to thin lips and smoothens nasolabial folds, allowing treatment for multiple areas in one syringeLip augmentation and nasolabial folds$670 per syringe
JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus6 to 12 monthsOffers more volume than JUVÉDERM Ultra XC due to its thicker formulationOff-label treatment for lip augmentation$700 per syringe
JUVÉDERM Vollure XC18 monthsProvides dramatic results but may also offer softer and more subtle and natural-looking results with less swelling due to a less hydrophilic formulation

Medium honey-like consistency with smooth and runny spreadability
Off-label treatment for lip augmentation$750 per syringe
JUVÉDERM Volbella XC12 monthsOffers more definition to the lips, giving a detailed Cupid’s Bow shape at the upper lip.
Offers subtle and natural-looking results.
FDA-approved for lip augmentation$750 per syringe
Restylane6 to 12 monthsAdds natural-looking volume into the lips with more structural support to hold its form.FDA-approved for lip augmentation$400 to $800 per syringe
Restylane Silk6 to 10 monthsOffers more subtle results with a more precise definition due to granular formulation.FDA-approved for lip augmentation$400 to $800 per syringe
Restylane Kysse12 monthsPlumps the lips with more flexibility that moves naturally with facial expressions, leaving it vibrant by enhancing lip color.FDA-approved for lip augmentation$750 per syringe
Revanesse Versa6 to 12 monthsAdds volume into the lips with utmost definition and flexibility that moves with facial expressions due to patented technology, making it easier to inject in delicate areas.
Has 20% more product in a syringe than other brands.
Off-label use for lip augmentation$600 per syringe
Resilient Hyaluronic Acid8 to 18 monthsAdds plumpness to the lips with utmost flexibility that moves as you make facial expressions due to the formulation “bouncing back” even after repeated movements.Off-label use for lip augmentation$675 per syringe
Belotero Balance6 monthsAdds plumpness and more definition to thin lips, with a more spreadable, lighter, and thinner formulation than other brands.Off-label use for lip augmentation$675 per syringe

These are some of the recommended brands of hyaluronic acid fillers for lip enhancement treatment. How long your lip injection treatment lasts will still depend on many other factors. Consult a reliable professional to learn more about your lip filler treatment.

Best Lip Filler Longevity 

Dermal filler lip injections come in different brands and types with varying duration of results. Among the listed hyaluronic acid brands, the results of JUVÉDERM Vollure XC and Resilient Hyaluronic Acid fillers can have the longest duration, lasting up to 18 months. Other brands and types can last more than 2 years and even 5 years, but they’re no longer recommended for lip enhancement.

But it’s important to note that the results of your dermal filler can go longer or even shorter, depending on your lifestyle and metabolism. Patients with higher metabolism tend to experience a shorter duration of results as their bodies break down the lip filler material faster.

What to Expect from Your Lip Filler Treatment 

Lip fillers provide patients with fuller lips, giving them a more youthful and glowing appearance. While temporary, the results of this treatment option are long-lasting and involve minimal risks and downtime. Patients considering lip enhancement treatment with dermal fillers might want to learn more about how the procedure goes.

1) How Long is the Lip Filler Procedure?

Lip filler procedures can be as quick as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours, depending on your treatment session. Your treatment won’t take long, unlike undergoing plastic surgery, because it only involves injections of dermal fillers into the lips.

2) How Your Lip Filler Treatment Will Go

Lip filler treatments are usually performed at the doctor’s office. As a minimally invasive treatment, this procedure doesn’t need incisions or operating equipment. After a series of initial consultations, your treatment session will likely go as follows:

  1. Numbing cream or topical anesthetic will be applied to your lips to reduce discomfort.
  2. A thin needle will be used to administer dermal fillers into your lips in precise injection techniques. 
  3. The treated area will be massaged to distribute the filler material properly.
  4. An ice pack may be applied to your lips during the procedure to reduce bruising and swelling.

Patients react to pain differently, but many of them report minimal discomfort due to the topical anesthetic and the small size of the needle. You can expect to feel a pinching sensation due to the injections of the filler material.

3) Side Effects to Expect from Lip Filler Treatment

Lip filler injections may be a minimally invasive option for enhancing the lips, but patients can still expect side effects. These are normal reactions of your body to the procedure, as dermal fillers also cause acute inflammation. The side effects you can expect from your lip filler treatment are:

Getting dermal filler injections poses risks of infection, migration, and other complications. But these events are extremely rare, usually happening at the hands of inexperienced injectors. Consult your plastic surgeon or any other medical professional once you experience fever, extreme pain, or any other severe symptoms.

4) When Will Side Effects Subside 

The side effects from your lip filler injections usually subside after 2 days and resolve on their own after a week. Ensure consulting your plastic surgeon regularly throughout your recovery and follow aftercare instructions carefully.

5) When to Expect Results 

You’ll notice the effects of your lip filler injections almost immediately. But your lips are still swollen, so these aren’t your final results yet. You can expect its peak results a week after your procedure.

How Often You Need to Redo Lip Fillers 

The results of your lip filler injections are temporary, lasting about 6 to 18 months, depending on the dermal filler brand and the type and your metabolism. But you can still maintain its results by redoing your lip injections 6 months after your initial treatment. Your lip fillers tend to break down due to having many movements compared to facial areas with less activity.

How to Make Your Lip Fillers Last Longer

How long your lip fillers will last depends on the type and brand of your filler material and your metabolism – patients with higher metabolism tend to break down dermal fillers more quickly than others. To maintain the results of your lip fillers even without touch-up procedures, you can:

  • Observe proper aftercare instructions
  • Keep yourself protected from the sun’s UV rays
  • Control stress
  • Control vigorous exercise
  • Observe proper diet
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Add retinol to your skincare routine
  • Avoid direct pressure on your lip fillers
  • Consider getting Botox injections
  • Take maintenance injections

Get Plumper, Younger-Looking Lips with Lip Filler Injections at Ethos Spa

Lip fillers leave you with plump lips, as it adds volume and boosts collagen production even without plastic surgery. This treatment option involves minimal risks and downtime, making it a popular procedure for getting a youthful-looking appearance. The results are only temporary but can be long-lasting, having a duration of 6 to 18 months and longer depending on your metabolism. Consulting a reliable professional is vital to achieving desired results with lip fillers.

Ethos Spa is one of the most trusted medical spas in New Jersey, offering world-class lip filler solutions for patients looking to achieve a more youthful appearance. Your treatment will be performed by board-certified cosmetic doctors committed to providing you with a comfortable and successful procedure possible. Get started on your road towards plumper, more luscious lips with our dermal filler injections and schedule an appointment today.

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