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How Long After Lip Fillers Can I Wear Makeup?

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Full, plump lips are one of the most desirable and sought-after facial features. If you’ve decided to enhance your pout with dermal fillers, you’re likely eager to show off your new look. But before applying your favorite lipstick, it’s crucial to follow proper aftercare guidelines to ensure proper healing and the best possible results.

Read on for your complete guide to wearing makeup after lip fillers, from how long to wait before applying it to makeup tips and tricks to make your filled lips look their best. With the right techniques, you can create a gorgeous look that highlights your new, enhanced pout.

Makeup After Lip Fillers Timeline

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One of the most common questions after getting lip injections is when you can start wearing lipstick and lip gloss again. It is recommended to avoid applying any makeup directly on or around the lips for at least 24-48 hours after getting lip fillers. This allows time for the filler to settle properly and for any swelling, tenderness, or bruising to begin subsiding.

Lip Gloss After 24 Hours

Most providers agree that lightly applying lip gloss or chapstick 24 hours after injections is acceptable. However, refrain from using glittery or strongly pigmented glosses that could potentially irritate the area. Focus on hydration.

Full Makeup After 48 Hours

Once you’ve passed the 48 hour mark, you can generally resume your normal makeup routine, including fuller coverage lip products. But continue taking care and applying makeup gently, especially when rubbing lips together to blend lip liner and lipstick.

Depending on the technique used and your individual response and healing, the aesthetician recommends waiting longer before applying certain products. Check in before moving ahead with makeup.

Why Wait to Apply Makeup After Lip Fillers?

The lips need time to heal from the injections. Tiny incisions are made by the cannula during the procedure and they require time to fully close up. Putting on makeup too soon could irritate these healing injection sites. 

Swelling also peaks around 2 days after the lip fillers and then gradually subsides. Waiting for the swelling to reduce allows the lips to take proper shape. Applying makeup too early may actually make the swelling appear worse. The lip tissue is healing with open micro-wounds after the injections. Using makeup brushes and applicators can introduce bacteria into these wounds if used too soon after the procedure. 

Additionally, it takes 2-4 weeks for the filler to properly integrate within the lip tissue and settle into place. Letting the filler fully settle before putting any pressure on the lips with makeup helps ensure proper positioning. 

Rubbing the lips or applying pressure too early on could potentially displace the filler or alter its placement within the lips. Being gentle and waiting to apply makeup is key to preventing complications. 

Following the proper aftercare and waiting to apply makeup allows the injection sites, swelling, and filler to heal – setting you up for the best possible results from your lip fillers.

Makeup Tips and Tricks After Lip Fillers

Once the aesthetician has given you the green light to resume wearing makeup, it’s time to accentuate your new lips. Here are pro tips and product recommendations:

Stick to Natural Looks Initially

In the first weeks after lip injections while swelling is still present, stick to natural, lightweight makeup. Bold colors and dark mattes can emphasize any remaining swelling or bruises. Sheer glosses and creams are safer options.

Use a Lip Primer

Applying a lip primer before lipstick helps smooth over any uneven texture from swelling or lumps. Primers also keep lip color from bleeding and lasting longer. Clear primers work for all skin tones.

Try Lip Plumping Products

Now that you have plumper lips, use makeup to play them up! Lip plumping glosses with a tingling sensation give the illusion of even fuller lips by increasing blood flow to the area.

Use Lip Liner

Lining and filling in lips completely with liner ensures lipstick stays in place. This prevents bleeding into fine lines that can make lips appear uneven.

Apply Lipstick Correctly

When applying lipstick, start from the cupid’s bow and work inward rather than rubbing lips together. This prevents filler from spreading into surrounding tissues.

Blot and Reapply

Press and blot your lips after applying lipstick rather than rubbing them together. This sets the color while minimizing irritation to the treated area.

Hydrate with Lip Masks

Post-injection lips tend to feel dry and parched. Regularly apply hydrating lip masks and overnight treatments to moisturize and nourish. Look for nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid.

Avoid Certain Products Initially

Steer clear of lip plumpers, exfoliants, and any products containing alcohol, menthol, or peppermint for at least two weeks. These can irritate the healing skin.

Consult a Makeup Artist

If you are struggling to contour swollen or lumpy lips, ask a professional makeup artist skilled at post-filler application for advice on color-correcting and creating symmetry.

With the right makeup products and techniques, you can make your lip fillers look seamless and gorgeous while avoiding excess irritation. Take it slow and gently at first for optimal results.

What’s the Normal Recovery Process for Lip Fillers?

Understanding the normal timeline of how your lips will look and feel during the filler healing process helps you care for them properly. Here are typical sensations and timeframes:

TimeframeWhat to ExpectTips
Immediately AfterNumbness from lidocaine, mild swelling and redness, minor bleeding, coolness from ice packs, tenderness, bruising, bumps, unevennessApply cool compresses to reduce swelling, or use ointment or balm to moisturize lips
Day 1Increased swelling and bruising, tenderness, sorenessTake over-the-counter pain medication as recommended
Days 3-7Bruising starts fading, swelling decreases but lips may still feel thick and stiff, lumps smooth out, dryness and flaking, discomfort and tenderness should be minimalUse ointment, drink plenty of fluids
1-2 WeeksMost swelling is gone but lips may still feel slightly firm, minor achiness or soreness may come and go, smooth lip shape and bordersResume normal hydration and lip care
1 MonthLips are fully healed, filler integrated, improved plumpness and lip lines, no more discomfort or stiffnessRoutine makeup and sun protection

While swelling, bruising, and tenderness are all normal parts of the lip filler process, contact your provider immediately if you experience severe pain, bleeding, infection, nodules, or asymmetry. With proper aftercare, your lips should heal quickly with minimal downtime or complications.

Maintaining Your Lip Filler Results

You’ve put time, effort, and money into achieving your ideal lips. Maximizing the longevity of lip filler results requires diligent aftercare. To keep your lip fillers looking their best, be sure to:

  1. Book follow-up appointments every 4-6 months for touch-up injections to replenish lost volume
  2. Apply SPF 30+ lip balm daily to protect against sun damage
  3. Stay hydrated and use moisturizing lip balms to keep lips supple
  4. Avoid smoking, which can thin the lips and break down collagen
  5. Massage lips daily to stimulate circulation and prevent thinning
  6. Be gentle – don’t over-scrub lips or use them forcefully as this can shift the filler
  7. See a dermatologist annually to assess lip health and obtain prescription creams if needed
  8. Choose an experienced injector to provide a natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing result

Give Your Lips the Love and Care They Deserve

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Full, smooth lips accentuate a gorgeous smile and youthful appearance. If you choose to enhance your natural lip shape and size with fillers, be sure to pamper them pre and post-treatment. Avoiding makeup initially, gently applying it after healing, and caring for your lips daily will help you achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

Let the expertise of Dr. Soni at Ethos Spa Skin and Laser Center create the perfect pout for you. With a meticulous eye, advanced techniques, and proven filler products, we provide subtle lip enhancements tailored to complement your individual features. Contact us today to schedule your consultation! Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer all your questions and get you on your way to flawless, kissable lips.

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