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Tummy Tuck Vs. Coolsculpting – Is Surgery the Answer?

The professionals at Ethos Spa are dedicated to offering our guests the most advanced non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures available.  Today, we’d like to talk about the tummy tuck vs. CoolSculpting.

The tummy tuck (lipoabdominoplasty) is quite an involved procedure which requires significant downtime, due to the swelling involved.  It’s a surgical procedure and right from the start, we need to say that its application addresses a different set of challenges than CoolSculpting does.

Let’s look at instances in which a tummy tuck may be appropriate.

Addressing loose skin after weight loss.

When a very heavy person loses weight, the impact on the body can be quite severe.  That’s why weight loss for those who wish to reduce their body mass should be practiced under the care and guidance of a physician.  Losing huge amounts of weight is a physical stressor.

Extreme weight loss can also lead to excess skin.  When fat is eliminated from the body, that skin which covers it is stretched.  When underlying soft tissue is eliminated, the skin isn’t just going to bounce back.  While our skin is quite elastic, there are limits to what it’s able to do.

In instances like these, the tummy tuck is the way forward for the elimination of excess skin.  The sagging skin following extreme weight loss can be wrinkled and unattractive.  It’s therefore highly desirable to pursue its removal.  Coolsculpting can’t do that for you because it’s designed to specifically address areas of your body which don’t respond to diet and exercise.  It removes fat cells, not excess skin.

Separated muscles after a pregnancy.

Abdominal muscle separation is an extremely common condition after pregnancy which can change the appearance of the abdomen.  Many women are dissatisfied with their appearance in this regard, following childbirth.

In this instance (which may also involve the removal of skin that has become loose and is sagging), abdominal muscles will be repaired as part of the procedure, restoring the abdomen of the patient to a smoother appearance.

Different therapies.  Different objectives.

As we’ve discussed above, the tummy tuck and CoolSculpting address two very different problems.  CoolSculpting can’t remove excess skin following radical weight loss.  Nor can it repair separated muscles.  What it can do is freeze fat cells in specific areas, eliminating those cells permanently.

The tummy tuck and CoolSculpting both have a place in the world of medical aesthetics, but they perform very different functions with completely different objectives.

Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center – medical aesthetics, ethically.

Ethos Spa is a medically informed facility, governed by a Board of doctors.  For that reason, we practice medical cosmetic therapies within an ethical framework that puts the health and safety of our guests first.

We’ll never recommend treatments that aren’t right for you, or attempt to “sell” you on a procedure we don’t know is 100% safe, reliable and effective.  We proceed conservatively, ensuring our guests are fully informed about their chosen treatments and that their expectations are realistic.

If you’re thinking about CoolSculpting, please contact us.

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