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Kybella vs Neck Lift

Sagging skin and excess fat in the neck and chin area can be an unsightly blow to your confidence. Not…
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What Should I Avoid Before and After Kybella?

A double chin is an extra layer of fat that develops underneath the chin. This bit of excess fat (called…
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How Does the Kybella Treatment for Double Chins Work?

Kybella is the new, non-invasive, FDA-approved way to melt submental (under the chin) fat.  People are excited about it, but…
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Kybella – Melt Your Double Chin Without Surgery

Most people have excess fat naturally stored under their chin resulting in a double chin that is not only embarrassing…
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Quick Kybella Guide

What is Kybella? Kybella is FDA-approved injection that works by the principle of dissolving fat cells in the area below…
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Kybella Swelling

Kybella is a newer treatment that can erase your double chin without surgery. The treatment is quick, practically painless and…
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Melt Away Your Double Chin With Kybella

There are a few places on the body that show age; the hands, around the eyes and mouth and the…
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