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Can You Drink Coffee After a Lip Filler Procedure?

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The Complete Guide to Caring For Your Lip Fillers

Plump, pillowy lips are the hottest beauty trend. With social media selfies and dating app photos showcasing perfect pouts, it’s no wonder lip enhancements are on the rise. While injections can sculpt a more defined shape, the procedure is just the first step. The real test is keeping your new lips looking fabulous during the healing process.

This means paying careful attention to your aftercare routine. Can you slurp a Pumpkin Spice Latte through a straw right after injections? Or is coffee off limits? When your lips are freshly plumped, there are many dos and don’ts during recovery. 

How Does Caffeine Affect The Lips and Fillers?

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Caffeine is a stimulant that can have several effects on the body that may interfere with optimizing results and healing after receiving lip filler injections. Here are some of the main ways that caffeine could impede the lip filler process:


One of caffeine’s main mechanisms of action is to cause vasoconstriction, which means it narrows the blood vessels. This decreases blood flow throughout the body, including to the lips. Reduced circulation to the lips can result in slower delivery of nutrients needed for proper healing after lip injections. It may also hamper the dispersal and integration of the filler material.


Caffeine has diuretic properties, meaning it increases urine output. This can lead to dehydration if caffeine intake is excessive or if increased fluid intake does not compensate for the fluid loss. Dehydration causes the lips to become dry, which can cause cracking and delayed healing after lip injections. Proper hydration helps new filler integrate smoothly into the lips.

Increased Bruising

The vasoconstrictive effects of caffeine reduce blood flow under the skin, which can worsen bruising from lip injections. Bruises may appear darker and more pronounced if blood is not circulating efficiently due to the effects of caffeine.


Some research indicates caffeine may increase inflammatory markers in the body. Inflammation can lead to more swelling, redness, and discomfort after lip filler procedures. It may also increase the risk of other side effects.

Interactions with Medications

Caffeine may interact with medications used during or after lip injections, such as local anesthetics like lidocaine. This could potentially increase risk of side effects.

Following Your Lip Filler Aftercare Protocol

Getting lip fillers should always be done through a licensed, experienced aesthetic practitioner. Be sure to follow the specific post-procedure instructions carefully.

General Aftercare Guidelines
1Avoiding hot drinks or food temporarily
2Skipping vigorous exercise for 24 hours
3Refraining from alcohol use for at least 12 hours
4Taking over-the-counter pain medication as needed
5Applying ice packs to reduce swelling
6Keeping lips moisturized with balm
7Avoiding too much motion of the lips
8Skipping facials, dental procedures or other treatments temporarily
9Being gentle when cleansing the face
10Not massaging the treated area
11Using SPF protection if outdoors

When done properly, any swelling and bruising should resolve within 7-14 days. Most patients can return to normal routines in 1-2 days. However, strenuous activity may need to be avoided for up to 2 weeks.

When Can I Have Coffee After Lip Fillers?

With caffeine’s vasoconstrictor properties, we recommend avoiding any type of coffee for at least 24 hours following the procedure. This allows time for the needle punctures to begin healing and reduces irritation risk.

Drinking coffee too soon may exacerbate common post-procedure side effects like:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Increased inflammation
  • Slowed healing

Many experts suggest avoiding all caffeine for up to 48 hours. By this time, the lips should be through the worst of the swelling and potential bruising from the injections.

Once past the initial 24-48 hour window, caffeine in moderation is considered safe. However, patients may still wish to avoid very hot coffee in the first few days as the lips remain tender and delicate.

What About Iced Coffee? Does Temperature Matter?

It’s best to avoid any type of coffee – hot, iced or cold brew, on the first day after lip fillers. Caffeine content remains an issue regardless of temperature.

Drinking very hot beverages like steaming coffee or tea could also pose problems. The high heat could cause irritation, swelling or potentially burns as the lips are extra sensitive after injections.

Once past the first 24 hours, iced coffee or cold brew is permissible. Just take care not to remove ice cubes with the still delicate lips. And avoid extremely hot coffee for at least a week post-procedure.

What Does the Healing Process Look Like After Drinking Coffee?

Consuming coffee too soon after lip injections can prolong the healing process in a few ways:

  1. Increased swelling: caffeine triggers inflammation and fluid retention.
  2. More prominent bruising: coffee constricts blood flow, making bruises more noticeable.
  3. Prolonged tenderness: caffeine dehydrates tissue, delaying the healing of injection sites.
  4. Greater discomfort: heat sensitivity may cause pain drinking hot coffee.
  5. Possible lumpiness: fluid retention exacerbates swollen bumps under the skin.
  6. Extended recovery: side effects like bruising can take longer to fully resolve.

Following proper aftercare guidance can minimize these risks. Any inflammation or bruising from caffeine should resolve fully within 10-14 days. But avoiding it for 24-48 hours will help promote faster healing.

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Is it okay to drink iced coffee through a straw after lip fillers?

No, it is not recommended to drink any beverage through a straw for at least 2 days after getting lip fillers. The suction motion can displace the fillers that were just injected into the lips. Wait until the fillers have settled before using a straw again.

Will caffeine make my lip swelling worse after injections?

Yes, caffeine can exacerbate swelling after getting lip fillers. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it causes blood vessels to constrict. This can increase inflammation and swelling. It is best to avoid all caffeine for at least 24 hours after a lip injection procedure.

How can I reduce swelling after my lip procedure?

To reduce swelling after lip fillers, use cold compresses, sleep with extra pillows to keep the head elevated, avoid foods that are hard or salty, and stick to a soft diet. Also avoid using straws or smoking.

When will my lips go back to normal after fillers?

Lip swelling peaks at 2-4 days after filler injections and can last 1-2 weeks. Lips will look more normal after the swelling fully subsides. Avoiding irritants and following aftercare instructions will help the lips settle and return to normal more quickly.

Is it safe to drink something hot like tea after lip fillers?

It’s best to avoid very hot drinks like tea for the first couple days after lip fillers. Let hot drinks cool down first before sipping. Very high temperatures can increase swelling and inflammation. Warm, not hot, drinks are okay in moderation.

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