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Botox – Men vs Women

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Botox is a cosmetic treatment used by both men and women to erase those fine lines and wrinkles that age us in our face. But did you know that men and women need different amounts per area? Typically women need less in the glabella or the area in between your eyes than men. Men need 30-40 units while women only need 20-30 units on average. Men also need more in the forehead area than women and both are about the same when it comes to the frown lines.

botox treatment for men

Why do men need more Botox than women? One of the main reasons is that men have a larger muscle mass in the forehead area than women do. It takes more units to treat the same area as in a woman’s face. Botox treatments for men have increased in the last 5 years as more men are wanting the same results as women.

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