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What Happens When You Stop Doing Botox Lip Injections?

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One of the popular lip augmentation trends these days is the Botox lip flip. It’s an injectable that has quickly gained a reputation for being a safe and quick cosmetic treatment that provides a fuller lip. Moreover, a Botox treatment can improve the effects of aging in the lip area so it’s no wonder why more women are signing up for this cosmetic procedure.

But what can happen when you suddenly decide to quit Botox treatments? Botox lip injections work by relaxing the muscles in the upper lip area so they’ll curl upward to achieve a plump look. When the treatment is stopped, the effects of Botox fade away and the muscles return to their normal state which can lose your pout and cause lip wrinkles and fine lines to slowly reappear.

What to Expect When Botox Injections Wear Off

Botox has a wide range of uses for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. Medically, doctors administer Botox to treat conditions like cervical dystonia, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), migraines, and droopy eyelid. As a cosmetic procedure, Botox is used by a plastic surgeon as an anti-wrinkle injection to lessen frown lines and dynamic wrinkles that show in the face and lip area.

The botulinum toxin injection is given intramuscularly which means it’s delivered deep into the muscles of the targeted treatment area. During a lip flip, a trained Botox provider will skillfully inject the toxin to the orbicularis oris muscle (the muscle that surrounds the mouth) just above the upper lip area. In turn, the muscles will temporarily relax and cause the lip to roll upwards to create an illusion of having defined and plump-looking lips.

However, a Botox injection isn’t a permanent cosmetic solution. At most, the results of the Botox treatment can last for 2 to 3 months after which the toxin will gradually lose its effects. Minor swelling and bruising in the injection site are normal as a patient waits to see the results of the Botox procedure.

Since it’s a low-risk procedure, many women get follow-up treatments to maintain the results of Botox. But for reasons that make you decide to quit getting the injections, the appearance of the skin and lips will just revert to their normal state.

After getting your last Botox lip injection, you’ll notice that the paralyzing effect will naturally wear off and the facial muscles will once again receive nerve signals that instruct them to contract. As the movement of the muscles returns, facial wrinkles and lines will begin reappearing. Loss of volume in the lips is also natural as the effects of Botox wear off.

Will Lip Wrinkles Get Worse After Botox?

It’s safe to say that Botox cosmetic injections won’t form new lines or creases in the face. While wrinkles will slowly re-emerge after you quit the injections, they won’t look any worse as they did before you got the treatment. As the toxin loses its hold on the muscles, the texture of the skin will lose its smoothness and appear uneven and shriveled in some parts of the face.

Another cause of concern is that stopping Botox will speed up the natural aging process. Depending on how long you received the treatment, you can still enjoy the wrinkle-free benefits of Botox for some time after quitting the injections. The appearance of deeper and more prominent creases after Botox can be attributed to the loss of collagen in the skin as an effect of natural aging.

What Can Cause Botox Effects to Wear off Faster?

Patients are generally advised to follow aftercare measures to achieve optimal results after Botox. Even if the procedure comes with no downtime, certain factors can affect how long Botox can stay effective on a person and cause them to wear off faster. This can include:

  • Activeness — The level of physical activity a person does can influence how fast Botox effects wear off. People with a fast metabolism can heal and absorb the proteins faster, shortening the time that you can enjoy the benefits of the injection.
  • Treatment area Certain muscles are stronger and need more Botox units to be effective. Injecting Botox for forehead wrinkles may last longer than lip injections since they require greater amounts of Botox to take effect. Treating forehead wrinkles will need an average of 20 Botox units, while Botox lip flip will require 10 units or less.
  • Facial movements — Repeated or exaggerated facial movements can cause contraction of the muscles and greatly reduce the effects of Botox.
  • Sun exposure — Getting exposed to heat and high temperature can increase circulation in the blood vessel and allow the Botox to spread out faster. It can also promote bruising in the injected area if exposed to the sun right after the procedure.
  • Skincare treatments — Facial scrubs and massages can lessen the effectiveness of the cosmetic injection. Likewise, touching the face can cause the toxin to spread and lose its desired effect on the treatment area.
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Alternatives to Keep Your Lips Plump

People who stop Botox treatments may need time to adjust as the lips once again appear thin and lines start reappearing. In case you want to maintain the plumpness of your lip without Botox, other cosmetic injectable options can restore volume and achieve healthy-looking lips such as:

Dermal Filler

A lip filler treatment is another popular method for lip augmentation. It uses a gel-like substance that contains hyaluronic acid. Filler injectables are considered safe since hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that already exists in the body and functions to keep the skin moisturized.

Unlike Botox that only relaxes the muscles to appear plump, facial fillers add volume and affect the shape and structure of the treated area. This injectable filler is inserted directly into the lips and around the mouth. Most dermal filler injections can last for 6 months. Juvéderm, Restylane, and Belotero Balance are the most common types of HA filler in the market today.

Lip Implants

An implant is a structure that adds fullness to the lips using either silicone or biodegradable substances obtained via tissue grafts (skin from the abdomen is transferred to the lips) or fat grafts (fat abdomen is used for the lips). Compared to a filler injection, lip implants are a permanent filler option for patients who want long-term results.

To apply the injectable treatment, the doctor will create an incision on the corners of the mouth. A clamp will then be placed into the site to have a tunnel where the implants will be lodged and pushed to fill the lips. The procedure can be done in about 30 minutes and recovery time can take 1 to 3 days with minimal side effects.

Lip Threading

Lip threading or lip thread lift is a technique that uses dissolvable threads to smooth creases and lines that show around the mouth. The threads used are made of poly-L-lactic acid which is a substance that can encourage the production of collagen in the body, helping slow down the effects of aging.

This alternative involves making a small hole in the corner of the mouth where a cannula will be placed. The threads are inserted through the cannula just above the cupid’s bow and in effect, they’ll pull the skin upwards to improve its natural curve so you’ll have a good-looking pout.

Lip Plumper

Lip plumpers are cosmetic topical products that contain ingredients that maintain the skin’s moisturization to keep its natural volume. They may also have mild irritants like menthol, ginger, and cinnamon which can cause partial swelling and increased blood flow that results in temporary fullness of the lips. The best lip plumpers have hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient which is effective in holding water to keep your skin hydrated and looking smooth.

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Ethos Spa: Your Ideal Provider for Lip Enhancement Injections

There’s no negative side effect that comes with stopping Botox lip injections. Quitting the treatment can be done anytime, but it’s best to get advice from a trusted Botox provider so they can help set expectations and assist you so you can still enjoy the wrinkle-free benefits of Botox.

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