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what to do before Botox procedure

Botox Do's And Don'ts – What To Do Before Botox

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Botox is the number one selling product of its kind on the market. We have all heard of it and probably know someone who has had the procedure. Are you thinking about trying it for yourself? We start our two part series of Botox do’s and don’ts today with what to do before Botox treatment.

  1. Choose a board-certified or experienced doctor who experience injecting Botox. Choose someone who specializes in facial anatomy and has been performing treatments for several years. Ask for recommendations and check the reviews for the doctor.
  2. After you choose the right doctor for you, meet with him/her and talk about your expectations and be transparent about your medical history. Let your doctor know what supplements/medications you take, allergies, if you have any medical issues, pregnant or breastfeeding or anything else you can think of. This will help determine if Botox is the right treatment for you.
  3. During the consultation discuss if Botox is the best treatment for your wrinkles or maybe dermal fillers may be a better answer. Let your doctor know exactly what you expect. A good and experienced provider will let you know if Botox is the answer for your expectations.
  4. Stop taking medications that can thin your blood such as: aspirin, ibuprofen, st johns wort, excedrin, vitamin A, ginseng, fish oil or Omega 3’s. Consult with your doctor about all medications you are taking. Stopping these medications a few days before treatment will help with bruising. We also recommend not drinking alcohol a few days before the injection to help minimize bruising.
  5. Make a list of questions for your provider before you meet. Ask how much Botox you will need, how much will it cost, what to do if something goes wrong, etc. Do not be afraid to ask questions – better to ask before than after.

Are you ready to discuss Botox for you? Schedule your complimentary consultation with us and we can discuss if Botox is the right treatment for you! Look out for our second in this series – up next – What Not To Do After Botox!