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best Botox cream ideal for a woman's face

Best Botox Cream?

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Many people considering Botox injections are interested in an alternative to achieve the same results. Many will find Botox creams on the market that claim to give results without needles. Is there a best botox cream?

Botox is injected into the skin and can penetrate deeper giving long lasting results. Botox creams are still undergoing clinical trials in the US and are not available. If you find a skin care line who is advertising this product, be very skeptical as they may contain products that are not FDA approved and can cause long term damage to the skin.

Many of our patients ask about stem cell creams. These products do not have Botox in them. Stem cell creams work by introducing laboratory-grown stem cells into the skin, which boost fat cell production and plump the skin as they work to boost overall cell production. Botox works by deadening the nerve impulses that stop certain muscular contractions responsible for the formation of wrinkles, such as crow’s feet. If a Botox cream did exist on the market, it would work to paralyze the muscles in the face, not increase skin cell production.

There are products on the market which can have a temporary skin firming effect. These products do not contain Botox but other ingredients that will give short term results. Be sure to read the ingredient list and talk to your dermatologist about any product that you may think is too good to be true.

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