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Avoid these Habits to Reduce or Prevent Acne

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Some of the most common things we do every day can cause those annoying acne breakouts. Here are some things you can do to prevent or reduce the severity of your breakouts.

1. Cellphones! The dirt and bacterias collecting on our cellphones reach our face when it touches the phone. One thing you can do to limit the amount of dirt that comes in contact with your face is to use antibacterial wipes to wipe it down once a day.
2. Airplanes! The dry air in an airplane cabin dehydrates our skin and builds up oil that turns into acne. To prevent this build up, use a moisturizer before your flight and an exfoliator once you land.
3. Sunscreen! Sunscreen clog pores, so to prevent this, you need an oil free sunscreen that will not clog your pores.
4. Yoga Mats! All your sweat, make-up, oil and bacteria is left on the mat after every yoga class. Make sure to wipe your mat down after every class and during your class avoid making face to mat contact.
5. Hair products! They are filled with oils that can clog pores when put onto the skin. To prevent this, shield your face before using hair products and make sure to efficiently wash off all the conditioner from your hair before getting out of the shower. also do not use hairspray to hold your makeup in place.

If these steps do not help, or you would like to see better results contact us to schedule an appointment and learn about our acne treatments.