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Accuvein technology for skin filler procedures

Accuvein Improves the Patient Experience for Skin Filler Procedures

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Introducing Accuvein Technology – Providing the Next Level of Care for Injectable Procedures

The goal of every cosmetic procedure at Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center is to provide the customer with the best results possible and a minimum of downtime. By utilizing the Accuvein device, our doctors can see your veins in real time, helping them define the perfect injection sites to minimize damage and skin discoloration.

When veins are affected by an injectable procedure, they very easily bruise. The Accuvein device helps your practitioner see those veins, even hidden ones and avoid them; minimizing the downtime caused by excessive bruising, as well as providing superior results.

The Accuvein device is “no touch”. It’s scanned over the treatment area, but does not touch the skin. The device fits in your hand and is extremely lightweight. There’s even a hands-free option! The device is always aligned, with accuracy to a width of less than a human hair. It can also display the imaging in reverse, to help identify those light “invisible” veins that can be tough to capture with standard illumination.

Tests have shown that the use of vein illumination tools, like Accuvein have increased customer satisfaction for Botox treatments as well as other injectable dermal fillers. We’ll gladly show you how it works, and how we’ll use it to provide you with the best possible results, next time and every time.

Schedule an appointment today and our trained medical staff will provide a FREE Consultation, and show you how we use the best tools and technology, including Accuvein, to enhance you results…. and more importantly, your patient experience.

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