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With age, you have to deal with more than just fine lines and wrinkles, You also lose volume in your cheeks. If that has happened to you, Voluma will lift and contour your cheeks. This hyaluronic acid dermal filler will make your cheeks look full and youthful again. You will be able to hold your head up high and take on whatever comes your way with newfound confidence.

The Treatment

Men and women prefer Voluma to surgical treatments because it is quick and easy. In most cases, treatments take less than an hour. Therefore, you can stop by during your lunch break and still make it back to the office for your afternoon meeting.

A specialist begins by placing a topical anesthetic on the treatment area. Then, the specialist uses a tiny needle to place Voluma under the skin. Once the treatment is over, you can go right back to your normal activities. You do not need to rest at all, and since discomfort is at a minimum, nothing should hold you back.

You might experience some mild redness and/or swelling, but that will disappear after a day or two. It is so mild that you can easily cover it up with makeup. That way, you will not even have to tell people that you had a Voluma treatment.

When Will You Notice Results?

You will notice results before you leave the doctor’s office or spa. However, it does take several months for the full effects to occur. Although you will look better from one day to the next, you will enjoy optimal results after a few months. With that in mind, consider scheduling Voluma injections several months before your next big event so that you will be ready to make a big appearance.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

While some facial injections only last for a short amount of time, Voluma lasts for up to two years. Once the results start to fade, you can get new injections. Since this is a simple process, there is no reason that you cannot get injections every couple of years. As a result, you never have to worry about having hollowed out cheeks again.

Is Voluma Right for You?

You are likely a good candidate for Voluma if you have experienced volume loss in your cheeks or jawline. This loss can be due to age or extreme weight loss. It is also important that you are in good health before receiving Voluma treatments. If you have health concerns, talk to a professional prior to moving forward with the treatment.

The Voluma treatment is not a good match for people who have a history of severe allergic reactions. You should also wait if you are pregnant or nursing. Because studies have not been conducted regarding the safety of Voluma on women who are pregnant or nursing, this is not something that you should risk.

If you are ready to look years younger, schedule an appointment for Voluma today. This treatment can take years off your face in less than an hour.

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