Laser Hair Removal New Jersey – Customized to Your Skin and Hair

pretty woman's legs with orchids

In the middle of winter, you may think the spring warmth will never return.  And this year it seems, winter has descended like a sledgehammer.

But winter is the perfect time to start laser hair removal.  You’re all covered up, so you’re not exposed to the sun, for starters.  Also, by the time spring does creep over the horizon, you’ll be ready with skin that’s free of excess hair – smooth and touchable.

One of the best things about turning to laser hair removal to rid yourself of excess hair is that it can be readily customized to your skin and hair types.  At Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center, we know one size doesn’t fit all, but all can enjoy the long-term benefits of laser hair removal in New Jersey that’s customized to your skin and hair.

How it works.

Laser hair removal targets not the hair, but the follicle itself.  This is the root of the hair shaft and once it’s removed, hair never grows from that location again.

A high intensity laser is used to destroy the follicle without damaging other tissue.  Only when a follicle is resistant to treatment is hair likely to regrow.

Light complexion and blonde hair.

Because of its lighter color, blonde hair is most resistant to removal.  The laser is attracted to pigment, which blonde hair has very little of.

That’s not a problem for a laser hair removal tech, because professionals know that the Alexandrite laser addresses the challenges presented by blonde hair, due to its higher intensity.

Dark complexion and dark hair.

There are also challenges with this combination of skin/hair, but for a surprising reason.  Often, especially with darker skin tones, the laser can’t differentiate between the hair and skin, as there’s not enough contrast between the two.  In the past, this has led to discoloration of the skin.

But today, there’s the Nd:Yag Laser.  This next generation laser hair removal tool reduces the potential for scarring and discoloration.

As you can see, standard laser hair removal is best suited to light skin/dark hair and dark skin/light hair combinations.  Because of the contrast between skin and hair, there’s no confusion involved.

Lasers depend on pigment to do their most effective work.  But the next generation laser hair removal tools noted in this post are contemporary steps toward addressing the challenges of other skin/hair combinations.

Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center.

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We thoroughly consult with all our guests, laying out their options honestly and transparently.  We don’t oversell our services, because we want you to get the best result possible. If one treatment isn’t what we think will work optimally for your needs, we’ll share others with you.

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