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Topical Skin Lightening Agents Can Combat Hyperpigmentation caused by Overexposure to the Sun, Age, or Skin Disorders

  Topical skin lightening or de-pigmenting agents are often prescribed to treat hyperpigmentation such as age spots, liver spots and other skin conditions that cause […]
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Tattoo Removal With the Medlite C6 Q-switched Nd: YAG laser

  Not too long ago, tattoos were a lifelong commitment. Today, with the advent of Q-switched lasers like the Medlite C6 Q-switched Nd: YAG laser, […]
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Laser Hair Removal For People with Darker Skin

  Unwanted facial and body hair is a common problem among men and women with darker skin, but not all hair removal treatments work well […]
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Combining Ultherapy and Sculptra for Longer Lasting Results

  Ultherapy, a non-surgical treatment that uses ultrasound and the body’s natural healing process to lift, tighten and smooth loose, saggy skin on the face, […]
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Use of Stem Cells in Skin Care Treatments

  When it comes to new trends in skin care and aesthetic medicine, “stem cells” are the hottest buzzwords in the industry. Although stem cell […]
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Antioxidants for Healthy Beautiful Skin

  Everyday, your skin is exposed to free-radicals, a combination of environmental pollutants, UV rays and other environmental elements that damage your skin, leaving behind […]
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Picosure Focused Array for Skin Rejuvenation

  Picosure laser represents the latest technological advance for laser tattoo removal. Ethos Spa is proud to have acquired one of the Picosure devices for […]
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Treatment Spotlight Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra Aesthetic® is a dermal filler used to restore fullness or volume to facial areas like the cheeks, temples and jawline. Gradually, Sculptra replaces lost […]
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Treatment Spotlight Botox

  Since its FDA-approval in 2002, Botox has rapidly become one of the leading cosmetic procedures for men and women alike. As a simple, non-surgical, […]
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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Dr. Soni did a great job in explaining the procedure and making sure all my questions and concerns were answered. I had my first session on the first day and I was very impressed with how fast everything went and I also saw a difference in the tattoo once it began to heal. Every time I went in for a session the staff was very nice and I never had to wait a long time. Totally loved this place!

    Daylin N.
    Paterson, N.J
  • Extremely impressed with the physicians, lovely and welcoming staff...and the results!!! I have been coming here for 4 years, and highly recommend this entire team. They are meticulous in their approach, and both warm and professional. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would!

    Melissa Cahill
  • Wow. Very impressed with the quality of work they do. So far I’ve been coming here for over 4 months and they are just phenomenal. I love coming here. Thanks ethos for your assistance with my tattoo removal.

    Henry  J

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