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Erase Your Wrinkles In Time for Spring with Botox

Erase Your Wrinkles In Time for Spring with Botox

We love spring!  Spring is when you get to throw off that heavy winter clothing and revel in the touch of the warm air.

Finally!  Spring has arrived.

And when spring is in the air, you want to look your best to greet the season with vitality and confidence.  Often, winter can leave us feeling a little worn down.  The long months of cold, snow and staying indoors can take their toll.  Sometimes, we could use a boost.

You can erase your wrinkles in time for spring with Botox, but you can also get ready for summer.

How’s that?

The strong sunlight we experience during the summer months can lead to squinting and squinting means wrinkles.  Botox can not only help you erase wrinkles.  It can help you prevent them.

How it works.

Botox works by limiting the mobility of muscles in your face.  The more these are working, the more wrinkling is likely to occur.  When your facial muscles are limited in what they can do, wrinkling is commensurately reduced.  That’s why Botox is an ideal preventative measure in anticipation of the hottest months of the year.

For erasing wrinkles, Botox is a superior treatment.  It not only smooths the effects of time, it limits those effects.  It also has a lifting action which provides a fresher, more rested appearance.

For men, too.

Men get wrinkles too.  We all know that, but you’d be surprised how many men are shy about visiting a facility like Ethos Spa to take advantage of Botox.

But you know something?  We have many male clients who visit us regularly.  They know that looking their best can enhance their lives in multiple ways.  It’s not just about being attractive to women (although that does motivate some of our clients).  It’s about looking vital and ready to bring your “A” game to your career.

Men should know they’re welcome at Ethos and that they’ll receive the same aesthetics excellence from our highly-trained professionals as their female counterparts do.  We love helping our male clients look incredible and feel amazing.

Don’t let time win.

People say you can’t beat time.  We’re here to let you know you can give it a very good run for its money and look your best while doing it.  When you erase your wrinkles in time for spring with Botox, you greet the season with your best face forward, even if you’ve seen more springs come and go than you let on.

Botox is a clinically proven answer to the signs time leaves on your face.  It can also prevent them and add volume that creates a more youthful, vital appearance.

And what could be more appropriate to the season than youth and vitality?

Contact us.

Ethos Spa is an elegant day spa, offering its guests the very best aesthetic therapies available.  We’re here to help you look incredible and feel amazing with a suite of medical cosmetic services that’s unparalleled.

Erase your wrinkles in time for spring with Botox, at Ethos.  Contact us to find out more.

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